Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Gabriel Vogt

"I eat out a lot - I'm going to be spending my prize money mostly on food, so I thought it would make sense to split a half of my winnings between Brixton Soup Kitchen and the Food Bank. My favourite restaurant is Kata Kata on Brixton Hill, so I'm going to go and see if they can start accepting Brixton Pounds."

Kate Newman

"I’m so excited! I’ve been playing Bonus since the beginning of the year, I’ve got a recurring entry for 2 tickets a month. A lottery ticket is £2, isn’t it? And here you get two chances to win. I got a B£20 runner up prize at first and thought, I have a good feeling about this! And here it goes, I won B£1,000 now! I don’t know what I’ll spend it on yet. I need a new carpet and there’s a carpet shop on Atlantic Road - if they don't already take B£s I will try to persuade them to take some of my prize money!"

Zoe Adjonyoh

Zoe, who runs Zoe's Ghana Kitchen in POP Brixton, won the March draw of the Brixton Bonus. She took all her staff out for dinner to celebrate. Lucky her - and lucky them!

Urszula Piesakowska

Urszula won the jackpot B£1,000 in the April draw, and was very happy to find out just before the Bank Holiday weekend.

"I have never won anything before! I would like to take my family out for a meal when everyone’s at home. I’m also going to donate some of my winnings to the Ebony Horse Club in Loughborough Junction. I think opportunities for people to have a go at things they normally wouldn’t get the chance to do are great!

Read more about Urszula and how she plans to spend her Brixton Grand on our blog.

Miss South

Congrats to the latest Brixton Bonus winner, Miss South! A Brixton food blogger and food and drink editor at the Brixton Blog and Bugle, she is also the author of the amazing Recipes from Brixton Villagea collection of recipes contributed from traders as well as her own recipes showcasing Brixton produce.

Miss South was actually one of the first to start playing Brixton Bonus when we launched it last June - read her article from back then on what she'd spend her prize on if she won - and look out for another guest blog 12 months later, now that she is actually a Brixton Bonus Thousandaire!

Max Wakefield

Max set up the Brixton Bonus and Brixton Fund when he worked at B£. Now that he's not an employee anymore, he continues to support and has a recurring entry for the Bonus - and he's won the Brixton Grand! Here's what he said about his prize:

"I took my girlfriend out for dinner, we went to Salon. It was delicious! I've basically just taken everyone out for food. I have enough physical things so I'm just eating my way through the money."

Linda Quinn

The big winner in our special Christmas draw was Linda Quinn, who happens to be the editor of the Brixton Blog and Bugle. We contacted Linda to let her know she’s won… only to hear that she’d like to donate the whole sum to the Brixton Fund! Talk about a BriXmas miracle (and amazing generosity)!

"For this draw I bought ten tickets, which is the maximum monthly amount. I think I saw an ad on the Blog or in the Bugle, and decided to enter. I knew about the Brixton Fund too. Now I want my B£1,000 to help some small local community group – that will be a good use for it!”

Read more about Linda on our blog.

Ashleigh Gill

Ashleigh said she was delighted to win, and that the first thing she was going to do with her prize was make a donation to Brixton Soup Kitchen and the Brixton Fund. Amazing generosity, thank you!

Ashleigh has previously won two runner-up prizes, one in the same month as when her husband Paul won the jackpot B£1,000: "Wow! We are feeling really very lucky indeed. My B£20 will be spent on a bottle of something special from Market Row Wines." Read more about the Gills on our blog.

Anya Stang

"I still can't quite get my head round that I've won! Pretty amazing! I want to donate some of my winnings to the Brixton Foodbank."

Kam Nathan

"It was my birthday on 31st so I feel blessed. I will spend some in Morleys, at the make up counter, for sure! And buy some Christmas bits for my family. But most of it will go on me! I would like go to Brixton Village to eat out - with the amount I won I could go every week to treat myself to a meal! That would be nice, I haven't done that in a long time. And I like how a lot of food in the Village is healthy. I'd rather go there and eat something better than spend money at McDonald's.

"The best part about winning is that I'm going to treat myself! I haven't had much chance to do that so this is very exciting."

Read more about Kam here:

Paul Gill

"B£1,000 is a lot of money, and I still have my regular standing order for B£100 every month, which I always spend. It reminds me to spend locally and to do monthly donations to the Foodbank and Brixton Soup Kitchen - I've given some of the prize money to them too. We bought some wine at Market Row Wines, we're going to go out to dinner this week. Other than that the prize means our Christmas is sorted - we'll buy all our gifts in B£ businesses."

Manda Glanfield

On the last Friday of January the Brixton Grand went to Manda Glanfield, a longtime B£ user and supporter, who wrote a very nice guest blog post for us last winter about shopping local for Christmas. Well, she will have even more opportunity to shop local all year round now with B£1,000 to spend!

"I always use B£s to buy birthday or Christmas presents, but now I also want to try and use them as much as possible on everyday practical things. Although I do want to treat myself too: buy some art at Studio 73, try all these nice restaurants I've not been to, discover new places.. The draw actually happened two days after my birthday so my first spend was taking a group of friends out for a celebratory dinner at Negril!"

Manda has told us lots of interesting things about her Bonus experience so far - have a look at our blog for more about her story and how she plans to spend the B£1,000.

Will Bugler

“What will I do with my prize? I’ve donated some of it already to Brixton Soup Kitchen and the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank. Solomon who runs Brixton Soup Kitchen is such a great Brixton character. I want to give some to Brixton People’s Kitchen, too.

I took my girlfriend out to Casa Sibilla, it’s run by people who used to be our neighbours. I’m gonna spend some at Brixton Cycles, too – I’m a cyclist, and they’ve got a fundraising campaign going on because their premises are under threat, so it will be good to support them.

Oh, and I will buy more Bonus tickets!”

Well, that was a good move, as Will actually won a runner-up prize in the following draw!

"Thrilled to be a winner again, everyone should sign up! I'm looking forward to spending more Brixton £ with my favourite local places. Brixton Cycles have just signed up to use B£e so that's somewhere I'll definitely be visiting soon."

Read more about Will on our blog.

Samantha Lasbury

Samantha was the first ever jackpot winner of the Brixton Bonus, which "made her year"! Samantha works in Brixton for Lambeth Council.

Karla Santacara

Karla found out she won while on holiday in NYC:

"I am so pleased to have taken part and won a prize in the Brixton Bonus! I can't wait for my Brixton massage!"

Jen Witts

"Yaaaay :D Why thank you Brixton Pound, I'm a very proud winner."

Callum Taylor

"I've always been a fan of fun and helpful community initiatives (not to mention the odd raffle) so I was more than happy to throw a pound a month into the Brixton Bonus. Now I've won B£20 I think I might up my entries to 3 a month and hope for the Big £K!"
After increasing his monthly Bonus entries Callum won a runner-up prize again! This is what he said:

"I've got a hot streak going! Bought a couple of bottles of tipple from Market Row Wines but I'm going to keep playing for the big one. Fingers remain crossed!"

Laverne Hunt

"Woop woop! Always nice to win something. Just have to work out how to spend my B£20! I think I might buy a fine bottle of red and save the rest for more raffle tickets. I had a feeling I would be lucky! Such a great idea to spend in Brixton. Thank you!"

Gabor Erdos

Gabor came to the B£ Shop to buy a B£10 Bowie note as a Christmas present for his wife, and while making the purchase chatted to us and found out about the Brixton Bonus. He bought a ticket... and ended up winning the special Christmas runner-up prize of a brand new B£ t-shirt, mug, and tote bag! Him and his wife came by to pick up the prize and said they will definitely keep playing!

Teresa Priest

"I am delighted to have won a prize on the Brixton Bonus as I haven't won anything since I got first prize in a raffle at primary school. I would like to donate my winnings to the Brixton Advice Centre. This is because I know from my work as a Grants Officer at the Walcot Foundation how crucial good advice is when people find themselves in housing or financial difficulties. Local Advice Workers do a very demanding and difficult job which can make a huge difference in the lives of local residents. So although this is a very small donation, it is a way of acknowledging this contribution and how important it is to the community."

Gerry Evans

"I became a B£ Bonus 'Brixton Buddy' with part of my pay that I get in B£, and what do you know? Runner Upper! I cheered up a stressed work colleague with a hearty market lunch (we work in St. Matthew's - very handy), keeping cash and well-being circulating locally. Everyone's a winner - thank you!"

Adam Smith

"Here I am enjoying my prize at Seven @ Brixton!"

John Bennett

"I've been using Brixton Pounds for a couple of years now. I worked in Brixton so it was a great way of supporting local businesses, especially at lunchtime. It definitely affected which businesses I went to as I largely went to places where I could spend B£."

"When Brixton Bonus came along I thought it was worth taking part - partly because of the prizes on offer, but more because its a fun way to support local causes and help ensure the future of B£. (I think I might even have managed to get the first tickets for the draw!) I was very surprised to find out that I'd won a prize. Whilst it wasn't the top prize I'm certainly not turning my nose up at winning B£20!"

"I've used my winnings to buy some more tickets for the next draw, but I also treated myself to lunch at one of my favourite places: The Lounge on Atlantic Road. The Lounge does a really good lunch deal so I've even got enough left to go another time!"

Jeff Thomas

"I am liking the Brixton Bonus more and more!", said Jeff, who also tweeted about his prize:

Gabriel Vogt

October runner up Gabriel stopped by the B£ shop to spend some of his winnings on a custard tart!

Mark Picksley

"I’ve been using B£ for buying lunch and the odd gift for years now. Having already got an account it is easy to play the Bonus. I’ve spent some of my winnings buying an Xmas present in the B£ Shop. I can’t say what… it’s a surprise."

Mark has won another runner-up prize in the December Brixton Bonus, in which he received a brand new B£ mug, tote bag, and t-shirt. Oh, and he's revealed that the mystery Xmas present was... also a B£ mug, for an office Secret Santa! We hope whoever got it was pleased :)

Ian Riley

Ian is the chef at the excellent Cornercopia. Him and Anne, who he runs the restaurant, homestore, and "cornershop with a difference" with, have said:

"Ah that's great! I expect we will celebrate with some wine from the fabulous Market Row Wines."

David Everiss

"I am pleased that I had a win on Brixton Bonus and I will continue to support the Community Movement in what way I can.

I am an out of town entrant. I live in Oxford but have been to Brixton many times as my son was studying just up the road. I came to the launch of your second issue and to the conference last year.

I am studying the effectiveness of Community Currencies to the local community: the economic benefit, wellbeing, togetherness and support that a local currency can bring. I am particularly interested in Community Currencies in Africa and South America and countries where the national currencies are in short supply to the poor."

Here are a few notes David has collected from around the world.


Patrik Ewe

“Great to win a Brixton Bonus prize. Purely a happy bonus because happy to support local businesses and community but now I get to eat more tasty Brixton food!"

Patrik said he will most likely be spending his prize money at Fish, Wings & Tings, Lab G, and Elephant.

In April, Patrik won a runner-up prize again! This time, it was 4 cocktails at the excellent Seven or Three Eight Four bars: "Much appreciated. It's my dad's birthday next week so may treat him then."

Deirdra Orteu

Deirdra won a special 20 Storey gift bag - here's what she said about her prize:
"So excited to have won & so delighted with my prizes (a great selection thank you Joe). 20 Storey is my favourite gift shopping store so a real treat to have presents for me!
I've long been a supporter of Brixton pound as I feel it's important to support the local community. I entered the draw in the spirit of support but I never expected to win. So to have actually won a prize and at one of my favourites has been a real treat. Big thank you to all concerned."

Clare Tavernor

"I entered the Brixton Bonus at the Lambeth Country Fair, just before spotting the beautifully designed £1 note that was also for sale... a few days later my grumpiness turned to joy on discovering my £1 investment had flowered into a £20 prize. I'm going to convert it into one of the Jeremy Deller designed notes and will enjoy carrying it around (until the inevitable happens and I spend it on pizza)."

Linda Powell

"What a nice surprise to win £20 on the first Brixton Bonus draw that paid for lunch earlier the same day. Glad I set up a recurring payment so I don’t miss them in the future, and you never know I may win the big one!"

Amit Lennon

"It's fantastic news that I have won the £20 runner up prize. I'll probably spend it at one of the restaurants in the market. Or maybe A&C Continental Deli while they are still open."

Donna Lister

"I popped into the B£ Shop just before Christmas on the spur of the moment to get some B£s as a Christmas present for my husband. When I was there, Max 'persuaded' me to enter into the Brixton Bonus, so I bought some tickets - it was all really straightforward. I was delighted to get an email to let me know that I'd won B£20! What will I be spending to money on? Not sure yet, but I have now set up a regular Brixton Bonus entry, so hope to hit the jackpot at some point."

Suzy Harrison

"I am very pleased with my winnings. I won the month after I set up a 3 ticket per month recurring entry. I will spend it on lunches and explore a few more options than the fabulous Senzala that I normally stick to for Pay by Text payments."

Paul Alp

"Amazing stuff!"

Mary Schnorrenberg

"OMG! Thats great news!!!!!! I haven't won anything in 20yrs! Feel like a superhero.."

Karen Milne

"What a lovely start to the weekend! I am going to save my winnings to buy a treat for myself – perhaps a little massage, something to look forward to!"