Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Meet the Team

Tom Shakhli

General Manager

Tom does a little bit of everything, but is largely interested in growing the B£ in order for it to have greater impact and benefit for Brixton. Prior to the B£ he worked at a refugee and migrant charity, and has also spent time working in Spain, Germany, Belgium and Honduras. Now retired from football, he pretends to enjoy swimming, cycling and running. In 2012 he founded the Brixton Bolt, an event to find the fastest runners in Brixton. > His favourite place in Brixton is Brockwell Lido.

Lucy Cava

Projects Manager

Lucy is responsible for B£'s Community Giveback project, which helps local businesses participate more fully in the community they do business in by helping them find ways to volunteer their skills and time with local projects. She also works on B£'s micro-grants scheme, the Brixton Fund, which helps to support those local projects financially. Her background is in public energy and climate policy. Aside from building a more compassionate, collaborative economy, she's pretty keen on inventing wild and wonderful meals and can generally be found hovering around the B£ Café supervising the latest surplus produce-based creative endeavour. >Her favourite place in Brixton is Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses.

Keisha-Paris Banya

Community Space Manager

Keisha manages the space at 77 Atlantic Road, ensuring that it delivers as much as a community hub as a place to get a good coffee and cake. Her passions include cooking, socialising in Brixton, and employing her skills as a budding make-up artist which she hopes to study further. >Her favourite place is the Brixton market, selecting local produce as well as trying different food from all around the globe.

Liam Morgan

In-house designer

Liam is a graphic designer from Wales who moved to London to study Graphic Branding & Identity at London College of Communication. His passions include writing, drawing and typography. New to London, he’s discovering Brixton and loving it for its diverse and socially-engaging culture. He hopes to follow his studies with work in the graphic design industry and eventually become a teacher down the line - unless something even more engaging comes along. >His favourite place in Brixton is the market.

Andrew Harding

Research Intern

Andy is a Geography student at King's College London, with interests in economics, politics, and international development, as well as theorising and developing alternative forms of economics to create a more sustainable, socially just and equitable future, from the local to the global. Alongside studies his he is learning to play the guitar, and has just started Italian lessons. >He's fairly new to Brixton but is enjoying discovering new places and meeting people here.