Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Meet the Team

Tom Shakhli

General Manager

Tom does a little bit of everything, but is largely interested in growing the B£ in order for it to have greater impact and benefit for Brixton. Prior to the B£ he worked at a refugee and migrant charity, and has also spent time working in Spain, Germany, Belgium and Honduras. Now retired from football, he pretends to enjoy swimming, cycling and running. In 2012 he founded the Brixton Bolt, an event to find the fastest runners in Brixton. > His favourite place in Brixton is Brockwell Lido.

Lucy Çava

Projects Manager

Lucy is responsible for B£'s Community Giveback project, which helps local businesses participate more fully in the community they do business in by helping them find ways to volunteer their skills and time with local projects. She also works on B£'s micro-grants scheme, the Brixton Fund, which helps to support those local projects financially. Her background is in public energy and climate policy. Aside from building a more compassionate, collaborative economy, she's pretty keen on inventing wild and wonderful meals and can generally be found hovering around the B£ Café supervising the latest surplus produce-based creative endeavour. >Her favourite place in Brixton is Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses.

Frank Taylor

Business Engagement Officer

Frank works on the Brixton Pound's Community Giveback scheme under Lucy's wing, learning how to engage with Pop's traders around local volunteering opportunities. He is also Brixton Pound's Business Engagement Officer, meaning he communicates with local businesses about how the Brixton Pound works for them. He has a passion for practical philosophy and is planning on studying philosophy at Bristol UWE in 2017. His hobbies include graphic art, music and computer building. > His favourite place in Brixton is Brockwell Park, where he's enjoyed many days after school.