Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Partner Organisations


Qoin project managed the development of the software that runs Brixton Pound accounts and pay-by-text payments. They are a not-for-profit consultancy that designs, implements and manages community currencies throughout Europe.

Lambeth Council

Following our launch at Lambeth Town Hall in 2009, we have worked in partnership with the council on a number of groundbreaking initiatives. Lambeth was the first local authority in the UK to accept a local currency as payment for business rates, and the first to pay staff in a local currency.


NEF (New Economics Foundation) is a leading 'think and do' tank doing pioneering work on social justice and sustainability including reforming the financial sector. As such it aims to develop local banking and currency solutions.

The Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust funded the development of the software which runs the electronic Brixton Pound systems through a project led by NEF and the Transition Network.

London Mutual Credit Union

When you exchange your sterling for Brixton Pounds, it goes into the London Mutual Credit Union on Acre Lane. Credit unions, unlike banks, are more likely to lend to small businesses, do not invest in unethical ventures such as arms or oil, and also provide vulnerable individuals with an affordable alternative to payday lenders. So not only do your Brixton Pounds benefit the area, but your sterling does too.