Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

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So you want to get your business signed up to the Brixton Pound? It couldn't be easier.

How to accept Brixton Pounds

If you are a business or small trader, you can begin accepting paper Brixton Pounds immediately (although contact us so we can list you on our website and give you promotional material). The idea is to keep the money in Brixton and try to spend any Brixton Pounds you receive (although you can exchange back to sterling at no cost directly with us or at our issuing point Cheques For Cash).If you need more information, please email



Paper Brixton Pound are vouchers which can be bought for their equivalent face value in Sterling. Paper Brixton Pound are not exchangeable back to sterling, however registered business members may redeem any Brixton Pound they receive by contacting the Brixton Pound office or visiting one of our exchange points.

Businesses and traders who are members of the Brixton Pound scheme accept the paper Brixton Pound at their discretion. Paper Brixton Pound are NOT legal tender and do not constitute a promise to pay the bearer on demand.

Any goods or services traded for Brixton Pound will attract income/corporation tax and VAT just as if they were traded for sterling cash or other recognised payment methods. The Brixton Pound does not exempt businesses or traders from their responsibilities regarding taxation.

 Businesses who are members of the B£e scheme may redeem their Brixton Pounds free of charge.