Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Pay-by-text & B£ app

You can pay most B£ businesses (over 150 and counting) using your phone, by simply sending a text. 

Or, if you prefer, you can download the Brixton Pound app - it's free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app makes pay-by-text payments with Brixton Pounds even easier and gives live information about local businesses accepting the B£ based on your location.

Every time you spend electronic B£s through pay-by-text or the B£ app, 1.5% of the transaction goes directly into the Brixton Fund, our grant scheme for organisations of community benefit. So every time you pay for your groceries, gifts, or meal by pay-by-text or B£ app, you're effectively donating money to community organisations in Brixton!

Using pay-by-text also puts you on first name terms with local business owners, as you both receive a personalised confirmation of payment. 

All you need to do is sign up online for a customer B£ account (easy). You'll get an email with a confirmation link - click it, log in and set yourself up with a password. Top up and you're ready to spend!

When you want to pay, look out for this sign - and follow its simple instructions:

All clear?

Here's a bit more detail.

  1. Send a text to the B£e bank (07926 200 421) instructing payment to a B£ business, the businesses’ username and the amount to be paid. e.g. ”pay whitehorse 12.99″(whitehorse is the name of the business you want to pay). The businesses’ username will be visible on or behind the counter. Just ask them if you can’t see it.

  2. Wait for the B£e bank to send a text to you and the B£e business confirming the transaction and payment received. The transaction is then complete.

    An error message will be received if the wrong business name is entered or if the customer has insufficient funds.

You can also pay other B£ users like this! Saves so much trouble when you're splitting a meal or simply owe someone a fiver. Just replace the business name with your friend's username - done!

To close the deal, here's Simon (B£ co-founder) showing you how its done. (Please note we've now phased out the PIN number, so please omit that bit)