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Brixton Pound

Brixton Fund Panel

Find out more about the Brixtonites who make up our Brixton Fund Panel, responsible for allocating grants.

Cyndi Anafo

Cyndi Anafo has been a stalwart and supporter of Brixton since helping at her mother's Ghanaian foodstuffs store as a child. She is known for DJing and promoting events with her husband/partner and as the co-founder of well-loved afropean independent fashion/music/lifestyle store United80. Cyndi was an integral kickstarter to grassroots creative activist group Reclaim Brixton which garnered a 3,000 strong peaceful attendance of activists, general supporters, unions and political party members against gentrification in Brixton in April 2015.

Gail Rowe

Gail is a regeneration consultant who is passionate about creating great places for people to live in. She has a keenness to learn more about the community she lives in, the organisations working to support our communities and will assist and support community organisations develop and deliver relevant and engaging projects and programmes.

Joel Balkwill

Joel was an English teacher for 4 years at Globe Academy in Elephant and Castle. He decided to set up Spiral to use his teaching expertise to design a fun and engaging way for young people to interact with professionals; which would in turn pass the very skills they would look for, as an employer, onto young people.

Adam Garner

Adam is the Lettings Manager at Marsh & Parsons, Brixton. Adam enjoys working in the area because of its rich mixture of art, culture and music, and its interesting history. With an in-depth knowledge of the local area, he is passionate that Brixton maintains its vibrant local identity and distinct personality.

Niall Santamaria

Niall works for Exodus Ventures, an investment advisory that supports startups with their growth and strategy development on behalf of investors, as well as advising on capital raising, investing and M&A. As a long time resident of Brixton, he is passionate about maintaining Brixton's character and personality. Niall is also a member of the Brixton Pound Board.