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Brixton Pound launches the Brixton Bonus – a community lottery designed to boost grass-roots projects

Posted 15/06/2015

A local lottery run by the Brixton Pound will be launching tomorrow, offering a top prize of  B£1000, with revenues being used to support local social projects and businesses.

Launching on Tuesday 16th June, the Brixton Bonus will be the first regular prize draw to operate in a local currency, giving Brixtonites and Brixton regulars the chance to spend B£1000 into the local economy through the hundreds of businesses accepting B£s.

Revenue from the Bonus will be used to support local social projects and businesses through the ‘Brixton Fund’, a new local micro-grants scheme designed to provide an accessible funding avenue for grass-roots groups.

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Brixton Pound launches local lottery

Posted 15/06/2015

The Brixton Pound is launching a local monthly prize draw: the Brixton Bonus.

Every month the local lottery will give residents and Brixton regulars the chance to win £1000 in Brixton Pounds (B£), meaning the winnings will be put back into the local economy.

The Brixton Bonus opens to all members of the public for £1/B£1 an entry at midday on Tuesday June 16 via the Brixton Pound website.

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Win a T-shirt from the Brixton Pound!

Posted 28/02/2015

Looking to wear your love of Brixton on your sleeve? You can now get your hands on these great Brixton Pound T-shirts.

They were created by Jude de Berker, one of the co-founders of The Turpentine, a Brixton-based creative hub, and inspired by the artwork used on paper B£s.

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Local Currency in practice

Posted 01/12/2014

Local currencies keep money circulating within the local economy and support locally owned businesses.  While printing your own money might seem like an improbable solution for most cities, a handful of communities have actually put it into practice.

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Social Life of Money

Posted 03/10/2014

Professor Nigel Dodd, Professor Keith Hart answer questions about the nature of money. Even as many people have less of it, there are more forms and systems of money, from local currencies and social lending to mobile money and Bitcoin.

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Brixton Pound gets mobile app and iBeacon push

Posted 20/06/2014

The Brixton Pound is getting its own app, tapping iBeacon technology to let shoppers make purchases in the local currency through their iPhones.

The Brixton Pound is getting its own app, tapping iBeacon technology to let shoppers make purchases in the local currency through their iPhones.

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Local London currency thrives in Bitcoin’s shadow

Posted 09/02/2014

Somewhere in South London, an organic grocery store is accepting payment for goods in a currency that is not controlled by the Bank of England, and that is transmitted by text from a cellphone.

What may be surprising is that it’s not another trendy store cashing in on the bitcoin bump. Instead, it’s a Brixton shopkeeper taking the local currency.

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Why should anyone bother with the Brixton Pound?

Posted 12/11/2013

Launched over four years ago by Transition Town Brixton, the Brixton Pound was set up to support Brixton businesses and encourage local trade and production. But is it working and making a difference? Or is just a novelty?

We ask some tough questions and get some good answers.

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Why local economies hold the key to our economic future

Posted 09/06/2013

Why is the city of Bristol printing its own money? Why have Brixton and Bath created their own energy companies? Why is the community of Totnes about to become the developer of an eight-acre site in the town? Why did people in Dunbar club together to start their own bakery? Before we can answer that, let's start with a simple enquiry. The findings are fascinating.

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I tried to buy drugs with Brixton’s Local Currency

Posted 28/01/2013

Whether it's because of the area's history of political radicalism and social disobedience or because the notes have David Bowie's face on them, I'm not sure, but the Brixton Pound has become arguably the most successful local currency in the UK.

I wanted to see what the heart of any community – the drug dealers – thought about their local currency

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WIR, BitCoins, Brixton Pounds: Does funny money make sense?

Posted 21/08/2012

Coining It Creating your own currency used to be the stuff of children or dictators, but in times of economic crisis, alternative forms of money have a point, says Sophie McBain.
According to the Complementary Currency Resource Centre, there are 236 alternative or complementary currencies around the world, which run alongside mainstream fiat currencies.

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Will the Brixton Pound Stick Around?

Posted 21/09/2010

The Brixton Pound has just celebrated its first year in circulation. But the local currency, whose notes carry the faces of famous former residents of this corner of south London, including artist Vincent van Gogh and Trinidadian author CLR James, is only legal tender for another 12 months. The £200,000 worth of notes printed last year – of which just B£30,000 are in circulation – are valid until September 2011.

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Brixton supports economy with local currency

Posted 21/02/2010

One of the major stakes for cities is the maintaining of a commercial activity in situ. For both economic and ecological reasons. Tomorrow sustainable cities will offer the possibility to shop in their centers, moreover on a bike! In order to reach that goal, Brixton, in the southern area of London, explores the idea of local currency and has been striking its "Brixton Pound" since September 2009.

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Brixton’s Community Cash

Posted 20/09/2009

An area of London now has its own currency. Will the Brixton pound really boost trade and bring the people together?

Brixtonites were out in force to cheer in the new notes at the Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday. Local businesses supporting the initiative – there are over 70 of them – were present alongside interested locals.

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Will the Brixton Pound buy a brighter future?

Posted 16/09/2009
Will the Brixton Pound buy a brighter future?
Tomorrow the Transition Town movement launches a currency designed to boost local trade and bring communities closer together.
The Brixton pound is the latest local currency to be launched under the umbrella of the Transition Town Network, a rapidly growing global movement that urges local communities to "respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of peak oil and climate change".

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The Brixton Pound

Posted 10/07/2009

Money is on everybody's mind at the moment. But could the way we think about it soon be challenged?

Brixton, South London is famous for its street life, nightlife and all too often, its crime.

Soon it might become known for something else too.

September 2009 will see the launch of the Brixton Pound, making it the third place in the country to have its own local currency

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No money? Then make your own.

Posted 17/09/2007

Can printing your own cash actually help revive a struggling economy? That's just what traders in one London shopping district are hoping for, as they begin accepting a new local currency.

Short on cash? Then why not make your own. There's no law against it, so long as you don't try to pass it off as sterling.

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