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Brixton Pound

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We’re working with Community Currencies in Action (CCIA)

We’re excited to be working with CCIA to make the Brixton Pound even better. Here’s what’s happening:

Digital Improvements

We’re working together to improve our electronic banking platform. Improvements will include a better user experience as well as being able to provide more useful data on B£ usage helping us make better decisions and helping to build up a picture of the social impact of the currency. Two other CCIA pilots the SoNantes and TradeQoin will also using the same technology, tailored to their specific currency models.

Currencies for councils

The B£ will be used in CCIA research looking at whether complementary currency (CC) rewards make effective incentives for getting people involved in local activities. As a co-operative council, Lambeth is the ideal place to trial how CCs can help forge strong community relations. And putting its money where its mouth is, we’re pleased to announce that Lambeth Council will be accepting B£ for more council services!

Building for the long term

This work will feed into a toolkit for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and community groups with guidance for operating CCs. This will include financial modelling looking at how currency projects like ours are best set to become financially sustainable.

Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) is a partnership of 8 organisations designing, developing and implementing community currencies across North West Europe. Part funded through INTERREG NWE IVB (ERDF), the partnership is also providing a rigorously tested package of support structures serving community currency practitioners and the general public: <