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New Money : Do local currencies actually work?

Posted 13/01/2017

Inventing an alternative to sterling might sound far-fetched, even illegal. But it's not that strange. In the UK we think of the pound like fish think about water, which is to say not at all. It might never have occurred to many of us that there are other types of exchange that can stand in for ragged bank notes tucked away in pockets, or other objects that can stand in for those notes.

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Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

Posted 08/11/2016

Proximity technology?in particular, Bluetooth beacons?is a major source of business opportunity, and this book provides everything you need to know to architect a solution to capitalize on that opportunity. Learn the key standards?iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth 4.0, and AltBeacon?and how they work with other proximity technologies. Then build your understanding of the proximity framework and how to identify and deploy the best solutions for your own business, institutional, or consulting needs.

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What is innovation in money today? (American history)

Posted 28/10/2016
As the curator of the National Numismatic Collection (NNC), I collect objects that reflect innovation in money today in order to preserve them for the historians and museum visitors of tomorrow. But what is innovative? To many, innovation means the new digital technologies emerging from private enterprise, such as cryptocurrencies, mobile money, and Apple Pay, which continue to make cash seem more and more obsolete. Over the last year, however, I have collected a variety of coins and banknotesand objects that enable their usethat reflect more subtle technological and social innovations.

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Brixton Calling: Paying what you like at the B caf

Posted 12/10/2016

Delores William went along to the Brixton Pound Cafe on Atlantic Road for a cup of coffee. How is that a story?

Well the cafe is probably only one of its kind in South London – you pay what you feel the meal or drink is worth. There is a recommended starting price and coffee starts at £1.

It’s a strange concept for someone like Delores who has only ever frequented cafes or eateries where there are set prices.

She had been  outraged a few days before after being charged quite a bit (for her) of money for a small cup of coffee. So let’s see if she is brave enough to really pay what she thinks the coffee or meal is worth.

She met up with B£ general manager Tom Shakhli. He was good enough to let her interrupt and record him while serving in the busy lunch hour. Listen to her story and see how it all works out.

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London's Best-Kept Secret Restaurants

Posted 07/10/2016

Despite being one of the gourmet capitals of the world with internationally-renowned destination restaurants, London has many eateries that are a well-kept secret. These are not just lesser-known places that only a handful of locals and regular customers know about. They might, for instance, be ensconced in a basement, tucked away behind a hidden door, or found in an unmarked, unexpected location. Here we round up a few that you may not have heard of.

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Brixton Pound opens up cafe and community space in Atlantic Road, Brixton (Brixton Buzz)

Posted 20/07/2016

Brixton Pound have left their HQ in the old E&C Deli in Atlantic Road and have now moved to larger, sunnier premises in the former Art Nouveau cafe further up the road. Opening from 8am to 7pm every day, the Brixton Pound will be operating a cafe offering salads, toast, sandwich wraps and cake, all made from local surplus food (if available). Free Wi-Fi is available, and visitors can pay what they afford for tea/coffee. There’s also a community meeting space in the basement. The cafe is still getting up to full speed but looks like it’s going to be a great place to meet people, settle in with a laptop or get involved with some of the community projects run by the Brixton Pound. Here’s some photos taken earlier this week.

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How community currencies could help rebalance our economy (The Guardian)

Posted 28/06/2016

Community currencies are a window into a possible future. The model is practical, not theoretical. It has shown its usefulness in many places. And it has now reached a point where it deserves to be much more widely known.

Community currencies have been with us for decades, even centuries. They are reminders that there is no God-given law stating that only governments or central banks can create monies (even though they do reserve themselves unique powers over what counts as a money). Throughout history different kinds of money have been created, sometimes by communities, sometimes by companies and sometimes by local governments. Their aim has been to connect different kinds of supply – of time, work or things – to otherwise unmet demands or needs.

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Beerbods, Patchwork and Brixton Pound talk people power (The Challenger Project)

Posted 14/06/2016

When the word ‘community’ was co-opted by business and brands in the late 2000s it's rapid and widespread use rendered it an almost meaningless term. To the world of business it too often meant setting up fan pages on Facebook for a detergent brand or worse was construed as simply tweaking their language in communications: 'community' rather than 'customers' for example.

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Brixton Fund grants decided by public vote (Brixton Blog)

Posted 13/06/2016
Local residents took the reigns in deciding how £7,500 from the Brixton Fund would be shared amongst nine shortlisted community projects. The open invite event, held at Brixton East on 8 June also marked the unveiling of Brixton Exchange, which combines the Brixton Pound's grants programme, the POP Brixton community give-back scheme and the community shop space. Together, these programmes offer opportunities for funding, training, resource sharing, volunteer time, cheap or free space hire.

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EF Schumacher: Is Small the Next Big? (BBC Radio 4)

Posted 11/05/2016

What emerges is a blueprint for a different economy - where banks can lend to small businesses, where local communities re-form, where decentralised renewable energy delivers lower cost power, and where work forms us not as tools adapted to our machines but as beings connected to the people and place around us. It's a vision of an economy in transition towards the small - from mass towards micro-production, from fossil fuels towards local renewables, from centralised to distributed organisations - and where our own role shifts from consumer to producer and citizen.

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World's first local currency cash machine opens in Brixton (Evening Standard)

Posted 12/04/2016

The Brixton Pound (B£) ATM in Market Row despenses special Brixton bank notes, which can only be spent in the area.

Banknotes carry images of local heroes, including David Bowie and Luol Deng, as well as pieces of Brixton public art. B£ is the only local currency of its kind in London, and it aims to encourage Brixtonites to spend their money locally and support independent businesses, boosting the area's community.

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Money, Money, Money (BBC Radio 4)

Posted 12/04/2016

What future is there for global crypto currencies like bit coin or real local alternatives, like the Brixton pound where the notes with the image of David Bowie may soon be worth more than their face value?

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Brixton Pound Cash Machine Opens In Market Row (Londonist)

Posted 11/04/2016

Head to Market Row in Brixton today to test the world's first local currency cash point.
From today, shoppers choosing to spend the Brixton Pound (B£) can get their cash from a brand new ATM in Market Row.
The cash machine is funded by the London Mayor's High Street Fund and is part of a range of projects supporting businesses in Brixton's town centre.
The new cash point is seen as another step forward in showcasing what a social economy might look like in Brixton.

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Brixton Pound: The world's first local currency cash machine opens in Brixton today (Brixton Buzz)

Posted 11/04/2016

Today the Brixton Pound (B£) has unveiled the world’s first local currency cash machine, with the new machine dispensing currency paper notes located in Market Row.

The notes feature local heroes and personalities such as David Bowie and Luol Deng, as well as pieces of Brixton’s public art, and can be spent in over 300 independent businesses.

Funded by The Mayor’s High Street Fund, the machine forms part of a wide range of initiatives in Brixton supporting businesses in the town centre.

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Bowie Bucks (Finance & Development, IMF)

Posted 01/03/2016

DAVID Bowie’s death in January 2016 struck a chord with baby boomers who mourned the eclectic musician’s tunes of their youth, while millennials recalled his cameo appearance in the movie Zoolander and his compositions in The Life Aquatic.

But it’s not only as an entertainer that Bowie was innovative. In 1997 the pop star pioneered Bowie bonds, offering investors the opportunity to purchase a share in future royalties of 25 of his albums. And in 2011 he lent his support to the local currency of his birthplace, the south London neighborhood of Brixton, by agreeing to be featured on its £10 note. The Brixton pound is part of a resurgence since the turn of the century of local currencies, which hark back to an earlier era.

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Did You Know? (Exeter Pound)

Posted 25/02/2016

Did you know there are many other local currencies in circulation across the UK, including Bristol, Brixton, Cardiff, Lewes, Liverpool and Totnes, to name a few? As Exeter gets ever closer to having its own digital local currency, we thought we’d ask Brixton Pound about the success of their venture since they launched back in 2009. Not only do they accept digital pounds, they now have a high street shop dedicated to all things Brixton and a community lottery! It’s wonderful to hear how far along they’ve come, as well as providing great insight into how Exeter Pound could potentially develop in the future. Marta from Brixton Pound kindly shared their ‘going digital’ story with us:

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A locals guide to Brixton, London (Oh Lobster)

Posted 21/02/2016

So we have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with a vibrant town in the south of London called Brixton.

Van Gogh spent 2 years of his life in Brixton and it was described in his memoirs as the best time of his life! Brixton is the Birth place of Bowie, Adele & Freddie Davies and is referenced in songs by Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Eddy Grant, the Misfits and the Clash just to mention a few.

Brixton is known as a multiethnic community, with a large percentage of its population being of African and Caribbean descent. Evolving from a site of controversy and struggle during the 1990s, Brixton has grown its appeal in the last few decades without losing its embrace with the cities unapologetically unpolished reputation. Invitingly alternative, Packed full of markets and culinary delights I currently works and lives in Brixton and has never met a city like it! Brixton even has its own currency! 

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Monnaie locale : la monnaie autrement (OuiHop)

Posted 17/02/2016

Et si un mode de vie plus juste, plus solidaire et soucieux des autres passait par un changement de monnaie ? C’est en tout cas l’idée que véhiculent les monnaies locales. Depuis quelques années, elles connaissent un essor un peu partout en France.

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Brixton would benefit from a bit of Bowie (Brixton Blog)

Posted 02/02/2016

Local residents and David Bowie fans have called for a permanent memorial in Brixton, as tributes continue to pile high in frontof the mural of the late star.

Since his death at 69 on 10 January, fans have been pouring into Brixton to remember the musician who was born here. Hundreds of flowers, candles and even food have been piled up in front of the mural of the Starman on the wall of Morley’s department store. Almost a month later, the tributes show no sign of stopping.

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9 things you probably didn't know were dedicated to David Bowie (SNAP.PA)

Posted 12/01/2016
You might be familiar with the knowledge that David Bowie isn't actually the singer's real name – born David Jones, he chose his stage name after being inspired by the American Bowie knife, reportedly because it “cuts both ways”. The list of who and what were inspired by Bowie is much longer – here's 9 of the more unusual things that honour the superstar.

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David Bowie: One of life's heroes (Business Reporter)

Posted 11/01/2016
As the world reacts to the death of David Bowie, it seems that he touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. Even in our small corner of the world at Lyonsdown, we wrote about his brilliance, from Nina Reschovsky's piece on his 2013 album The Next Day to Inspector Dogberry's analysis of the Brixton Pound – the currency used by some independent retailers in that south-east London borough to encourage people to shop locally. Here's your chance to read those pieces again.

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The Rise Of Local Currencies (Transition Network)

Posted 29/10/2015

Local money schemes are one of the most immediate and tangible manifestations of Transition. But the voices that are rarely heard are those of the designers who create these beautiful objects. What's it like to be asked to create bank notes that capture the spirit of the place where you live? So we talked to Charlie Waterhouse of the Brixton PoundRick Lawrence of Samskara Design who created the new Totnes Pound notes, and Owen Davis, Art Director of the Bristol Pound.

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Five reasons we should celebrate the Brixton Pound (Time Out)

Posted 08/10/2015

The Brixton Pound has been the wad of choice for true Brixtonites since 2009. There’s around B£50,000 in circulation – in paper and electronic form – and you can buy them online or get them from various shops displaying the Brixton Pound sign. But what’s in this local currency for you? Here are five reasons we should celebrate these colourful notes:

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Central Banks Nervous as Alternative Currency with David Bowie's Face Goes Viral (Anti Media)

Posted 01/09/2015

One of the best ways for the general public to take power back is to develop alternative currencies — both local and global — that allow people to trade outside of the corporate-government banking systems and central bank notes.

Many people in different areas of the world have been moderately successful at implementing local currencies, such as Mountain Hours orIthaca Hours, which have gained traction in the U.S.

In London, an interesting alternative currency bearing the face of pop singer David Bowie has recently come into circulation. According to Market Watch, the local currency is specialized for the Brixton community in southwest London. It is officially called the “Brixton Pound.”

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UK Transition Town Notes of 2015 - Exeter, Brixton, Bristol (and Stonehouse) (International Bank Note Society Journal)

Posted 01/09/2015

This year has been remarkable for Transition Town complementary currencies within the United Kingdon. The Exeter Pound is set to launch on September 1, 2015; the Brixton Pound celebrates its fifth anniversary with a design from an award winning artist; the city-wide Bristol Pound launched its second edition notes; and a new series of notes have been discovered for Stonehouse.

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London's alternative cash turns shoppers into activists (Market Watch)

Posted 28/08/2015

When the creators of the Brixton Pound emblazoned a banknote with David Bowie’s likeness, it sent a message: This currency is cool, alternative and — like the rock star — local.

The Brixton currency, which circulates in the neighborhood in southwest London, is only one of the alternatives to official money that have been springing up not only across the U.K., but all over the globe — there’s one in Massachusetts that’s been going for nine years. New schemes are arriving all the time: Next month, for example, Exeter in southwest England gets its own community cash.

Like most alternative money schemes, the Brixton Pound, or B£, centers on a small community shopping at local businesses. That means it’s intrinsically a reduction of choice. So why do people use it?

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Five postcapitalist projects that offer a blueprint for a new world (Huck Magazine)

Posted 15/08/2015

They say money is the root of all evil, but how can that be true when you’ve got Bowie or black radical activist and community organiser Olive Morris on the banknotes? The Brixton Pound in South London is just one of many examples worldwide of a community-run parallel currency that aims to support local businesses through increasing the money supply and encouraging people to spend in their neighbourhood. The Brixton project has grown steadily since its launch in 2009 and shown that a community can come together to participate in shaping the economy to meet its needs.

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Jeremy Deller designs special-edition note for Brixton Pound (De Zeen)

Posted 10/08/2015

Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has created a new limited-edition banknote for the Brixton Pound, a currency that supports south London's local economy.

To mark five years since the currency's launch, the Brixton Pound recently unveiled a new special-edition of the B£5 designed by British artist Deller – who won the top Turner Prize in UK art in 2004.

The new note features a psychedelic graphic around an unidentifiable face on the front, accompanied by a quote from philosopher Karl Marx's book Capital on the back.

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Do You Have Change for a Bowie? The Advent of Artisanal Cash (The New York Times)

Posted 09/08/2015

LONDON — Though paper money here typically bears the visage of Queen Elizabeth, the Brixton district of the city last month released a new 5-pound note designed by Jeremy Deller, an artist who won the prestigious Turner Prize in 2004. It features a fuzzy, psychedelic image of an androgynous face surrounded by rainbow clouds and coruscating, swirling etchings. “I wanted something old-fashioned looking,” Mr. Deller said. “Something almost pre-currency.”

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Jeremy Deller's B5 Brixton Pound Note (We Heart)

Posted 05/08/2015

It’s the pockets of anti-capitalism; anti-austerity; anti-toffs-taking-us-all-for-a-fucking-ride remaining in London that give us hope for a future where people matter over pound. One ‘hood taking things literally is an area of London that holds a long-fractured history with the capital’s capitalist core. Brixton. A district with a history of sticking two fingers up to Westminster; positively and negatively.

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New 5 note for Brixton (Eden Harper)

Posted 23/07/2015

A special edition £5 note designed by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has been launched. But the psychedelic paper money can only be spent in Brixton.

The new Brixton £5 note has been introduced to celebrate the currency's fifth birthday. But the limited edition note, which incorporates a provocative message that reflects the B£’s aim of raising the conversation of how we understand, use and value money in this time of economic instability, will not replace that standard B£5 note that features British basketball star Luol Deng.

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Busy scenes at the Brixton Pound's Give & Take market in Windrush Square, Brixton (Brixton Buzz)

Posted 09/07/2015

Brixton Pound’s Give & Take market stall in Windrush Square proved to be a popular attraction tonight, with lots of locals turning up to help themselves to the goods that had been donated earlier in the day. 

The event coincided with the Brixton Pound’s fifth anniversary and launch of a new – and rather stylish –five pound note.

Scroll down to see some photos of today’s event, which goes on until 10pm.

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Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller designs a psychedelic Brixton Pound fiver (Brixton Buzz)

Posted 08/07/2015

The Brixton Pound (B£) has revealed a special edition paper B£5 note in celebration of the currency being five years old.

Designed by Turner Prize wining artist Jeremy Deller, the mind-melding design apparently, “adds a significant and provocative message that reflects our intention to raise the conversation of how we understand, use and value money in this time of economic instability and what we could aspire to in the future.”

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B launches new note (London Live)

Posted 08/07/2015

Binki Taylor and Charlie Waterhouse discuss the launch of a new limited edition B£5 note designed by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller

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Brixton Pound launches the Brixton Bonus a community lottery designed to boost grass-roots projects (Brixton Buzz)

Posted 15/06/2015

A local lottery run by the Brixton Pound will be launching tomorrow, offering a top prize of  B£1000, with revenues being used to support local social projects and businesses.

Launching on Tuesday 16th June, the Brixton Bonus will be the first regular prize draw to operate in a local currency, giving Brixtonites and Brixton regulars the chance to spend B£1000 into the local economy through the hundreds of businesses accepting B£s.

Revenue from the Bonus will be used to support local social projects and businesses through the ‘Brixton Fund’, a new local micro-grants scheme designed to provide an accessible funding avenue for grass-roots groups.

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Brixton Pound launches local lottery (Brixton Blog)

Posted 15/06/2015

The Brixton Pound is launching a local monthly prize draw: the Brixton Bonus.

Every month the local lottery will give residents and Brixton regulars the chance to win £1000 in Brixton Pounds (B£), meaning the winnings will be put back into the local economy.

The Brixton Bonus opens to all members of the public for £1/B£1 an entry at midday on Tuesday June 16 via the Brixton Pound website.

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Posted 05/05/2015

Two weeks ago the The Brixton Pound Conference 2015 was daft enough to invite me to speak about designing the Brixton Pound. It was a fascinating day, especially hearing Nigel Dodd, author of The Social Life of Money and LSE professor talk about (amongst many things) money and magic.

There’s a nice storify of the day here, and below a(n ever-so-slightly) edited version of my speech.

It’s about time-travel, native birds and the immense power of not being dull.

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Win a T-shirt from the Brixton Pound! (Brixton Blog)

Posted 28/02/2015

Looking to wear your love of Brixton on your sleeve? You can now get your hands on these great Brixton Pound T-shirts.

They were created by Jude de Berker, one of the co-founders of The Turpentine, a Brixton-based creative hub, and inspired by the artwork used on paper B£s.

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Local Currency in practice (The New Localisation)

Posted 01/12/2014

Local currencies keep money circulating within the local economy and support locally owned businesses.  While printing your own money might seem like an improbable solution for most cities, a handful of communities have actually put it into practice.

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Our Emotional Attachment to Local Currencies (Harvard Business Review)

Posted 05/11/2014

The Brixton Pound was first issued as paper money in September 2009. Two years later, the electronic B£ pay-by-text platform was announced. Launched with the partnership of the Bristol Credit Union, the Bristol Pound, another complementary currency, is now used by 650 businesses, with £528,000 of the currency in use in both electronic and paper format.

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Social Life of Money (LSE Public Lectures)

Posted 03/10/2014

Professor Nigel Dodd, Professor Keith Hart answer questions about the nature of money. Even as many people have less of it, there are more forms and systems of money, from local currencies and social lending to mobile money and Bitcoin.

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Brixton Pound gets mobile app and iBeacon push (Finextra)

Posted 20/06/2014

The Brixton Pound is getting its own app, tapping iBeacon technology to let shoppers make purchases in the local currency through their iPhones.

The Brixton Pound is getting its own app, tapping iBeacon technology to let shoppers make purchases in the local currency through their iPhones.

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Could community currencies produce a more sustainable financial system? (The Guardian)

Posted 15/05/2014

Community currency has a history that spans Victorian and Depression-era desperation. Essentially voucher systems or "complementary currency" would fill the void left when national currencies collapse or welfare systems fail, only to be outlawed again once the economy recovered. Today from Totnes to Lewes, Brixton to Bristol, local banknotes are now making a come-back. Not as a rival to sterling however, but as a potential driver of sustainable consumption.

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Local London currency thrives in Bitcoin's shadow (CoinDesk)

Posted 09/02/2014

Somewhere in South London, an organic grocery store is accepting payment for goods in a currency that is not controlled by the Bank of England, and that is transmitted by text from a cellphone.

What may be surprising is that it’s not another trendy store cashing in on the bitcoin bump. Instead, it’s a Brixton shopkeeper taking the local currency.

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Why local economies hold the key to our economic future (Huffington Post)

Posted 09/06/2013

Why is the city of Bristol printing its own money? Why have Brixton and Bath created their own energy companies? Why is the community of Totnes about to become the developer of an eight-acre site in the town? Why did people in Dunbar club together to start their own bakery? Before we can answer that, let's start with a simple enquiry. The findings are fascinating.

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I tried to buy drugs with Brixton's Local Currency (Vice)

Posted 28/01/2013

Whether it's because of the area's history of political radicalism and social disobedience or because the notes have David Bowie's face on them, I'm not sure, but the Brixton Pound has become arguably the most successful local currency in the UK.

I wanted to see what the heart of any community – the drug dealers – thought about their local currency

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WIR, BitCoins, Brixton Pounds: Does funny money make sense? (Spear's)

Posted 21/08/2012

Coining It Creating your own currency used to be the stuff of children or dictators, but in times of economic crisis, alternative forms of money have a point, says Sophie McBain.
According to the Complementary Currency Resource Centre, there are 236 alternative or complementary currencies around the world, which run alongside mainstream fiat currencies.

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When Governments and Activists Say "Resilience", They Do Not Mean the Same Thing (Tree Hugger)

Posted 22/02/2012

We've already seen how residents of an earthquake-striken city can get heartily sick of politicians talking about resilience. But from resilience in a zombie apocalypse to the case for resilient design, it's important to note that there is a vast difference between political rhetoric around resilience—which tends to focus on floods, pandemics and terrorist threats—and the kind of fundamental rethink of our culture that many of us environmentalists are proposing.

In an excellent talk for BBC Radio 4 Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins (who we'll be hosting a live chat with next week) explains what Resilience 2.0 might look like. Bravely, given this is radio, he even uses a Brixton Pound (above) as a prop:

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Will the Brixton Pound Stick Around? (The Guardian)

Posted 21/09/2010

The Brixton Pound has just celebrated its first year in circulation. But the local currency, whose notes carry the faces of famous former residents of this corner of south London, including artist Vincent van Gogh and Trinidadian author CLR James, is only legal tender for another 12 months. The £200,000 worth of notes printed last year – of which just B£30,000 are in circulation – are valid until September 2011.

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Can Big Society Save the Planet, and Squash Big Government Too? (Tree Hugger)

Posted 06/09/2010

I've always found the assertion that all environmentalists are socialist a little hard to swallow. I know plenty of conservatives who love the natural world and abhor waste. And I know plenty of radical greens whose anti-authoritarian, DIY streak puts them in direct conflict with any "big government" solutions from the traditional left. This very debate is flourishing right now over in the UK, with the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government backing a campaign called Big Society. It's a campaign that clearly hopes to engage the Transition movement and other grassroots citizen efforts—and it's got many people talking about what the real role of government should be.

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Brixton supports economy with local currency (Innov' in the City)

Posted 21/02/2010

One of the major stakes for cities is the maintaining of a commercial activity in situ. For both economic and ecological reasons. Tomorrow sustainable cities will offer the possibility to shop in their centers, moreover on a bike! In order to reach that goal, Brixton, in the southern area of London, explores the idea of local currency and has been striking its "Brixton Pound" since September 2009.

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Urban Communities and Peak Oil: Transition Brixton (Tree Hugger)

Posted 03/01/2010

Yesterday we looked at Al Jazeera's report on Transition Town Totnes—offering a vision of how small towns are tackling climate change and peak oil through community involvement. But how does the Transition model relate to the city? On the one hand, urban density and great mass transit make city living green. On the other hand, almost everything is trucked in, so where does that leave the concept of resilience?A group of activists have been exploring how diverse urban communities can build resilience and reduce emissions. From the relatively uncontroversial notion of supporting local business, through to the rather radical concept of creating a car free borough, these folks are certainly considering a whole range of solutions.

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Local Currency Causes a Stir in London: The Brixton Pound (Tree Hugger)

Posted 23/09/2009

From the beginning, alternative currencies have been central to the Transition Movement. But just as the Transition Movement itself has to stay relevant - so too local currencies need to find wide circulation and broad community acceptance to have any real impact on how money is spent. So the turnout at the launch of the Brixton Pound - the UK's first complementary currency specific to an urban neighbourhood - is an awesome sign of how important these initiatives are in tough times. Their choice of design, however, may leave some people feeling left out. The Brixton Pound is billed as a currency that "sticks to Brixton" with the usual arguments of facilitating the local economy, building community, and supporting independent businesses. So far, so good.

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Brixton's Community Cash (The Guardian)

Posted 20/09/2009

An area of London now has its own currency. Will the Brixton pound really boost trade and bring the people together?

Brixtonites were out in force to cheer in the new notes at the Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday. Local businesses supporting the initiative – there are over 70 of them – were present alongside interested locals.

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No money? Then make your own. (BBC News)

Posted 17/09/2009

Can printing your own cash actually help revive a struggling economy? That's just what traders in one London shopping district are hoping for, as they begin accepting a new local currency.

Short on cash? Then why not make your own. There's no law against it, so long as you don't try to pass it off as sterling.

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Will the Brixton Pound buy a brighter future? (The Guardian)

Posted 16/09/2009
Will the Brixton Pound buy a brighter future?
Tomorrow the Transition Town movement launches a currency designed to boost local trade and bring communities closer together.
The Brixton pound is the latest local currency to be launched under the umbrella of the Transition Town Network, a rapidly growing global movement that urges local communities to "respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of peak oil and climate change".

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Brixton Pound launching Thursday 17th September! (urban75)

Posted 13/09/2009

The Brixton Pound (B£), a local currency for independent traders in Brixton is launching in the Town Hall this Thursday 17th September from 7pm. The B£ will support independent businesses by encouraging residents to shop there, knowing that there money is more likely to circulate locally than leak out of Brixton to shareholders in the city, global supply chains or national contracts. Research shows that only about 15-20p of every pounds spent in a chain store stays in the local economy.

Affiliated Brixton businesses are offering special discounts to residents paying for goods and services with B£s.

You can find out more and join the B£ 1000 club by signing up at our website here: and receive information about the scheme and special offers from businesses.

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Coming Soon: The Brixton Pound! (Transition Culture)

Posted 09/09/2009

Not long to go now before the launch of the Brixton Pound.  This is the first time, to the best of my knowledge, that an urban district has launched its own currency.  It is a bold experiment, and like all the best bold experiments, it starts with a party; September 17th, 7.30pm, Lambeth Town Hall.  There is expected to be huge demand for this historic event, so you need to book in advance.  Personally speaking, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!  I’ll be speaking at the launch, along with David Boyle of nef, and Derrick Anderson (Chief Executive of Lambeth Council).  As a taster, here is an excellent article about the Brixton Pound by Josh Ryan-Collins, from the latest edition of Fourth World Review

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Nothing As Sound As A Brixton Pound (It's Not The Gospel)

Posted 06/09/2009

This is only going to be a small post, I think or at least I hope so. But my attention has been drawn to some very interesting news for the local economy. Ok, so it’s not really local but nearby. A 25 minute bus ride, give me that at least?

It seems like Brixton will be getting a boost for its thriving little economy in the way of its 
own currency.

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Brixton Pound launching in September (Bitter Wallet)

Posted 17/07/2009

Later this year, you will have the opportunity to help local businesses in the Brixton area keep money in the community rather than watching it “leak” out to national and international chain retailers. In September, Brixton will launch the Brixton Pound (B£), which is a currency that does not replace, but rather blends in with regular British currency. The difference is, every British Pound spent at a local Brixton business stays in the community. These businesses may offer special rewards for Brixton pound users, such as preferred customer cards.

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The Brixton Pound (BBC News)

Posted 10/07/2009

Money is on everybody's mind at the moment. But could the way we think about it soon be challenged?

Brixton, South London is famous for its street life, nightlife and all too often, its crime.

Soon it might become known for something else too.

September 2009 will see the launch of the Brixton Pound, making it the third place in the country to have its own local currency

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Financial crisis: high noon on the high street (The Telegraph)

Posted 12/06/2009

As Britain faces up to its worst post-war slump, it seems no one is immune. In the first of a three-part series on the recession and the world that will emerge from its ashes, Mick Brown visits Chester and Totnes to see how the shops on the front line are fighting the crunch – in very different ways

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Transitioning the financial crisis (Red Pepper)

Posted 01/06/2009
While the financial crisis seems to have knocked the wind out of the international community and the British government's environmental passion, one group is going from strength to strength,  Sam Mohun Himmelweit reports

The Transition Town (TT) movement is a network of loosely-affiliated grass-roots groups, dedicated to making their immediate environment sustainable and through this steeling society for the challenges presented by the twin threats of climate change and the end of the abundance of cheap oil.

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Transition Town Brixton to launch the Brixton Pound in September 2009 (Sustainable Haringey Network)

Posted 20/02/2009

In September 2009, Transition Town Brixton (TTB) will launch the Brixton Pound: a local currency which can be spent only with local Brixton businesses.

The Brixton Pound will make money work for Brixton by supporting smaller shops and traders who are under threat from the recession and larger chains. Money spent with independent shops circulates within the local economy up to three times longer than when it's spent with national chains, research by the New Economics Foundation has shown.

The Brixton Pound will encourage people to think about where their money is going and commit to spending a proportion of it locally. It will help to maintain the diversity and uniqueness of Brixton's shops and market, build pride in Brixton, and establish a more resilient, connected community in troubled economic times. On the environmental front, TTB will support local businesses in sourcing more goods and services locally, reducing their carbon footprint.

A Brixton Pound will be worth £1 sterling and can be exchanged for sterling at issuing points. The Brixton Pound already has support from Lambeth Savings and Credit Union, a financial cooperative owned by its Lambeth based members.

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