Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

For Individuals

A girl holding a paper B£1 note to her forehead, smiling

The whole point of a local currency is that it benefits the community. But that doesn't mean it's all give and no get. If you're a Brixton resident or regular, there's more than one very good reason to get involved:


Many businesses will give you a special discount for spending B£s. See who these good people are here.


By spending B£s you are helping to strengthen your local community. By ensuring that more money sticks around (instead of disappearing off to boardrooms, shareholders or tax havens!), we all get more than we bargained for.


You'll play an important part in helping local businesses to thrive in the face of a difficult economic climate and fierce competition from chain stores. Running an independent business can be tough at the best of times, but the benefits to all are real.


By localising our spending we can collectively enourage more local supply chains. With a real environmental crisis in the making, local economies can play a big part in decreasing carbon footprints.


Want more? Here's 12 Reasons To Use The Brixton Pound.

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