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Funded Projects

The Advocacy Academy

Awarded £2000

The Advocacy Academy is a Social Justice Fellowship for young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Across eight intense months, we support young leaders from marginalised communities to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Founder, Amelia Viney, said: "Just like the Brixton Pound, The Advocacy Academy is all about building powerful communities. That's why we were so excited to win £2000, money which will allow us to run a four-day event designed by our young leaders, exploring how they can effectively challenge systemic inequality an injustice. We are so grateful to all the locals who came out to support us! You are helping a generation of ambitious but underprivileged young Londoners to be heard."

The money will be spent on a four-day residential programme in October 2016, This extended programme will be designed by our participants to address the systemic causes of oppression facing many young people in the area, focusing on race, class, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. We are currently forming partnerships with several Brixton organisations, such as the Black Cultural Archives, TEDx Brixton and Reclaim Brixton, to provide the workshops pro bono. All catering will come from independent Brixton businesses.

Lambeth Elfrida Rathbone Society

Awarded £1000

Rathbone provides individual support and group activities for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. Rathbone formed as a charity in 1967 and work with over 200 service users in and around Lambeth. At Rathbone we encourage and support our service users to become more independent; to make their own choices; to live a safe and healthy life; to make and maintain positive social relationships and to try new and interesting experiences.

Andrea from Rathbone said: "Brixton Pound have supported one of our hardest to fund project – the Feel Good Friday who meet every Friday in the heart of Brixton to go and explore, build friendship and find out about what's is going on in their local community. Our Feel Good Friday group is led by the service  users who have forged long lasting friendships from when they were part of Rathbone Youth Club but now over 25 years old they see reduced amount of opportunities as they reach their adult lives. Rathbone support young people and adults with learning disabilities to live safe, healthy and fulfilled lives. By being part of the Brixton Pound fund we were able to make fundraising more personable and meet with local people with similar interest and get to know more about the local community. Brixton Pound did a wonderful job and we are thrilled to have been awarded funding to support our Feel Good Friday group"

Brixton Community Base

Awarded £1000

Brixton Community base are an arts-orientated community centre based in the heart of Brixton, south London. They provide a vibrant base for local arts, community and fitness groups. They also hire spacious halls for rehearsals, workshops, evening classes, children’s activities and meetings. They also manage community projects such as Bling Ya Bike and Brixton Youth Theatre for local children and young people. Brixton Community Base are dedicated to reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Brixton, to promoting social cohesion and developing a programme of socially inclusive activities.

Streatham Common Co-operative (SCCoop)

Awarded £750

Streatham Common Co-operative, also known as just SCCoop are a new community run social enterprise managing Streatham Rookery. Currently they are the only community group with direct responsibility for a Lambeth Park. From the third quarter of 2016, we hope to take over the management of Streatham Common from Lambeth Council. By removing layers of management and being directly accountable to the local community, SCCoop is more efficient and responsive to local needs. All profits are put back into services on the common. In 2016, parks budgets have been slashed by 50%, so our fund raising activities are vital for our Rookery and Common.

Bling Ya Bike

Awarded £573.50

Bling Ya Bike provide bicycle art workshops for young people to decorate a bike and learn basic maintenance. The aims of the project are to introduce basic bicycle maintenance, develop creative skills by transforming an old bike through respraying and stencilling and introduce the idea of recycling.

The money will be spent on various upcoming projects such as a Sunday Brixton Bike Studio.

WANT/Xavier de Sousa

Awarded £573.50

Xavier de Sousa is an independent performance maker and producer. Having grown up with Europe’s oldest performance art festival, CITEMOR (Portugal), he has been working solidly in theatre, dance and live art since graduating from Kingston University in 2010. He currently works with live artist jamie lewis hadley, choreographers Evangelia Kolyra & Sivan Rubinstein, The Place, performance maker Tom Ross Williams and is a resident producer at the Live Art Development Agency. 

"We had a wonderful time at the Brixton Fund event. It was a great evening, we managed to learn more about the projects we will be working alongside to and how we can be more involved in them. The way the event was run opened the possibilities to directly engage with people and to talk about possibilities of collaboration for our project on local levels. We also believe that the way it was organised was fantastic, as it made the whole process more democratic and fair. As a collective of artists, we are very pleased that the Brixton Pound and the Fund are supporting this project, as it will hopefully ensure that local people find new ways of expressing themselves and to celebrate local communities in public spaces."

Speech Inspired

Awarded £573.50

First launched in 2014, Speech Inspired have been working with Welfare to Work charities in Brixton. They have developed programmes to help disadvantaged people through things like employability workshops, traineeships/apprenticeships and work opportunities.Their mission is to  inspire local young people in the community of Croydon and provide opportunities.

Founder, Leon Jackson had this to say: "I have never applied for funding in the past, as I always assumed it would be a long drawn out process. The Brixton Pound fund appealed to me initially because of the funding themes that were being considered, I feel are some of the most important areas of focus within our community - so I went for it. 
In the end it has been a very seamless, fluid and enjoyable process. It means my enthusiasm to do a good job with the support I've been awarded has actually increased, rather than it diminishing through having to endure a bunch of tedious processes."

Age UK Lambeth

Awarded £530

Age UK Lambeth is a charity based in Brixton, they provide support to elder people aged over 55 who live in Lambeth. One of the ways they do this is by coordinating an annual Celebrating Age Festival (CAF), which is aimed at strengthening the community. CAF is run by us to help reduce a number of problems facing the older population. The festival directly addresses social isolation, low incomes, lack of information, and medical issues such as disability, depression and lack of mobility.

The Cornerstone Church

Awarded £500

The Cornerstone have ran several community initiatives as a ministry since 2011. These include personal development seminars for individuals from disadvantaged communities; life skills and exam motivation workshops delivered to students across the UK; mentoring and coaching support to facilitate unemployed adults into full time employment; and drop-in services for residents from the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lewisham and Newham.   The Cornerstone has also supported many charitable causes including projects supporting disabled children to initiatives for the homeless and food banks.

Brixton Youth Forum / Hero's Journey

Awarded £1000

Brixton Youth Forum is an umbrella term for all youth activity at Marcus Lipton Community Centre. Within it functions Hero’s Journey, a weekly discussion group for teenage boys.

"Every Friday evening we hold an hour-long session (a ‘journey’), each time sparking a conversation about a selected topic. Our simple aim is to get the boys (‘heroes’) to talk regularly, openly and critically about things that relate to their lives. We frame each discussion around a cultural resource - such as a book, item of food, photograph or newspaper article."

"We are using the bulk of our £1000 funding to run a three-day programme in August (we have already used some of it for refreshments and attendance rewards at each journey). Our plan is to visit different places across London, enabling the heroes to engage in new experiences around the city. As part of the programme, we are also working with the Black Cultural Archives on Windrush Square to develop a journey about local history."


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Healthy Living Club

Awarded £750

Healthy Living Club is an inspiring self-organising and sustaining support group living well with dementia, based out of Lingham Court between Brixton and Stockwell.

Simona from HLC said about the Brixton Fund award: "I am delighted that we were chosen. Thank you so much! I am really keen for the project to succeed, to provide an example of how a local economy can help a local charity to become more sustainable."

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Young People Matter

Awarded £400

Young People Matter are a vibrant & colourful team of youth workers, sports enthusiast, artistic practitioners and advocates of a holistic approach to learning, and passionate about empowering children, youth and the community.

The Brixton Fund provided funds to enable free after-school clubs in Stockwell and Brixton, reaching those children whose parents are unable to afford even the subsidised sessions YPM already run.

YPM founder Kemi told us: “The Brixton Fund money is going to be used to offer young children free space and access to the after school club. For parents who don’t work, their children wouldn’t usually be able to access the after school club, so this allows for them to do so. Just because their parents don’t work it doesn’t mean their children don’t need to use it. Kids need to have something to do, and their parents might not be able to afford this for their kids normally. Parents themselves need some spare time and a break from childcare.”

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AGT Social

Awarded £250

AGT Social is a social enterprise and sister company of AGT Ltd, an IT repairs company based in Loughborough Junction. The Brixton Fund provided funding to help refurbish part of AGT's premises to create a dedicated space for training young people in Loughborough Junction in IT and repairs.

AGT Social have said: "Many, many thanks again, it may be one of the smaller amounts but for us it’s a big step - the sense that we have belief in our projects is fantastic and the opportunity to tell the wider Lambeth community is perhaps the most valuable aspect of this success. Forming relationships with like-minded organisations in the area, opportunities to work together - is precisely where we’re headed and support from The Brixton Pound will take us a long way."

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