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Brixton Fund Application Criteria & Eligibility

You can download this page as a .pdf here

Please contact us if you are unsure whether you fit the criteria below before beginning your application via fund[at] (replace '[at]' with '@').

The Brixton Fund supports groups or individuals working in Brixton under the themes of:

  • Strengthening and benefiting communities
  • Taking action for social justice
  • Increasing local employment opportunities

'Social justice' is a term without an objective or fixed definition, and we encourage applicants to articulate their understandings if applying under that theme. 

'Community' could mean a street, school, estate, youth group, civic group, religious group or any other collection of people who consider themselves to be linked through place, characteristic or purpose.

We do not specify these themes in further detail, and welcome diverse applications from different groups and individuals across the locality.

Applications do not need to relate to a specific project, but it will help your application to indicate what future plans you or your group has and how the money you're applying for will help you work towards them.

Beneficiaries of a group or individual's work do not necessarily have to be in Brixton; e.g. funding could be provided to groups supporting communities linked to Brixton abroad, refugees or other people in need of support elsewhere.

Given the relatively small amounts of funding available, we will accept applications relating to work to research, design or write larger proposals for projects that would need further funding or investment from elsewhere to be realised.

Examples of applications or projects that could fit under these themes might be:

Strengthening communities:

  • Organising a street party to enable people to meet their neighbours
  • Writing a proposal for a new community garden or space
  • Organising a free community class or course

Taking action for social justice:

  • A media project that gives voice to under-represented demographics and individuals to speak out on issues affecting them
  • A campaign to raise awareness and create change on an issue affecting local communities
  • An art project that challenges racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination or marginalisation

Increasing local employment opportunities:

  • Creating a workshop for local schools providing inspiration and advice on training and career choices
  • Trialling a pop-up business at one of Brixton's markets to test and demonstrate a business idea that could be scaled
  • Funding a short apprentice or work experience scheme in your business

Remember: these are just examples. Just because something like your idea or work is not listed here does not mean it cannot be funded.

Eligible groups

We will only fund work in Brixton, or neighbouring areas. It is not relevant where your organisationis based, as long as the work you intend to do will take place in Brixton or a neighbouring area. If you're unsure whether or not where you work counts as being in or near Brixton - just get in touch (see contact details below).

The Brixton Fund is aimed at groups or individuals that are too under-resourced to easily access funding from more traditional sources. This does not mean we will rule out funding groups that already have access, or have accessed, funding from traditional bodies - but that we will give priority to less established, grass roots groups.

If you are applying as an established profit making organisation (e.g. as a local business), please specify in your application why you need additional funding to meet your aims.

Religious groups are welcomed to apply, but we will not fund work aimed solely at promoting religion.

We will not fund local branches of national political parties. Please contact us if you wish to apply for funding for a political campaign as an independent individual or unaffiliated local group to discuss.


Please contact us via fund[at] '[at]' with '@') if you're unsure whether you fit the Fund's criteria. If you do not have access to email you can contact us on 07824 701 849.