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The Brixton Fund is the Brixton Pound's micro-grants fund, financed by revenue from the Brixton Bonus (our community lottery), B£ merchandise sales in the Brixton Pound Shop, 1.5% transaction fees when people spend B£s using their mobile phones, and sponsorship from Brixton businesses.

The Fund supports local individuals and groups that might struggle to access larger funding pots, and work in Brixton to:

  • Strengthen and benefit communities
  • Take action for social justice
  • Increase local employment opportunities

These categories are deliberately broad: we do not want to be prescriptive about what Brixton needs. In the future the Fund also intends to build up access to non-financial resources of benefit to applicants. If you have a service or resource that could be of benefit to local groups taking action - please get in touch via fund[at]

To see which groups we've funded in the past, click here.

How to Apply

Making your application

The Fund is now open and accepting applications. You can apply online here, or if you prefer to complete it by hand, you can print it out and deliver it to our cafe. We also have copies of the application form available in our cafe for those who don't have access to a printer. 

Please read our criteria and eligibility information before starting your application.

Application forms should be emailed to fund[at] (substitute '[at]' for '@').

The deadline for applications is 10am, Tuesday 2nd May

We will confirm all applications received by a day or two after the deadline has passed. If you’ve not received confirmation of receipt after this, please get in touch.

Support with your application

We welcome applications from everybody, so please let us know if you face any challenges in doing so via [email protected] , or calling 020 3581 2850.

Relevant information

Funding available: We are a very young and small fund. The maximum grant available is £2,000, though we are more likely to grant smaller amounts to more than one applicant. There is no minimum grant level.

Timescale: We will accept applications through April. We will quickly aim to shortlist the applications that we will proceed to our public funding event, which takes place at the end of May. All shortlisted applications will receive some, though not all, of the funding that they are requesting.

After the deadline has passed we may contact groups for more information. We aim to have a final decision made in mid-May, though it may take slightly longer.

Questions? Email us at fund[at], or if you do not have access to email, ring 020 3581 2850.


As well as funding, the 7 shortlisted candidates will also receive 10 free Echoes – 10 hours worth of support from strategic planners, crowdfunding experts, events planners, local spaces, social media gurus – and anyone else signed up to Echo []. 

Are you running a community project or enterprise and struggling to get it all done yourself? Join in with the local trend and trade your time rather than money using Echo, a skill trading platform hosted by Impact Hub Brixton:

Beneficiary Reporting

We don't require beneficiaries to formally report on the use of their funds, but we will maintain contact with them to find out how they're doing and how we might be able to support them further. We do encourage voluntary reporting, please see here for more details.

Supporting the Brixton Fund

If you would like to make a donation to the Brixton Fund, please click the button below:


You can also help by using electronic B£s to do your shopping, buy a haircut, get your watch fixed or treat yourself to a tasty lunch - everytime you do, the business pays a 1.5% transaction fee, which we put straight into the Fund. That's right.

If you're a business interested in supporting the Brixton Fund, please get in touch. For food and drink businesses, we have a scheme called 'Pound Up', where you can either add an optional charge to the bill, or create a menu item with a percentage of the sale going to the Brixton Fund. 

All information about the Pound Up scheme can be found in our supporter pack here

Governance & Transparency

The Brixton Fund will be administered by the Board of the Brixton Pound CIC.

Grant allocation decisions are made  by the Brixton Fund Panel comprised of representatives from different aspects of the Brixton community. In the longer term the Fund intends to create decision making processes in which Brixtonites can directly participate to produce more democratic and informed outcomes.

Local knowledge and understanding is, it should go without saying, indispensable when working to create positive solutions; and it allows effective local interpretations of the Fund’s aims: employment, social justice and community benefit.

If you would like to be involved, either as an applicant for funding or as someone involved in the decision-making process, please get in touch with us via fund[at] (replace '[at]' with '@').


We're very grateful to our Fund sponsors:

Marsh and Parsons

Seven/Three Eight Four

The Queen's Head

We are also grateful to the Edge Fund for offering us advice in establishing the Brixton Fund, and for allowing us to use their application process and supporting information as templates for our own. The Edge Fund supports efforts to achieve social, economic and environmental justice and to end imbalances in wealth and power – and gives those they aim to help a say in where the money goes.