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Welcome to the Brixton Exchange

The Brixton Pound has never just been about the money.

The Brixton Exchange is the Brixton Pound's new social offer, combining our Brixton Fund grants programme, our POP Brixton community give-back scheme and our community shop space.

Together, these programmes offer opportunities for funding, training, resource sharing, volunteer time, cheap or free space hire - and lots more.

The Brixton Pound is moving beyond the money.

Explore below how you can benefit.

Get funded

The Brixton Fund is our local grants scheme, aimed at organisations working in or near Brixton to:

  • Strengthen communities
  • Take action for social justice
  • Increase local employment opportunities

We're very pleased to announce that the latest round of applications to the Fund will open on 1 April 2017 - you've got until 5pm on Monday 1 May to get yours in!

Don't worry - applying won't take an age. We've specifcally designed the process to be as painless as possible to encourage smaller groups to apply.

Grants are available up to £2,000, to find out more about our criteria and eligibility click here.

Finally, please spread the word as far and wide as possible through your networks about the opportunity to apply, and our public events.

Get skills and support

POP Brixton traders are required to give 52 hours per year in volunteering, training, skill-sharing (and anything else you can think of) to local community groups.

There are around 40 traders in POP - so that's over 2000 hours of free support waiting to be claimed!

This is where you come in...

The Brixton Pound, through our Brixton Exchange programme, acts as a community broker. If you've got something you need help with - it could be setting up a simple website, producing some publicity materials, advice on fundraisingperson-power for a community group (really, anything: let your imagination run wild!) - then come and ask us for it!

We'll put your request out to POP Businesses, and do our best to match you with the person who has the skills you need. And you never know, it could be the start of something special...

We've already clocked up 1,640 hours of time donated to the community - don't miss out on the chance to benefit!

The Brixton Pound Cafe, 77 Atlantic Road

Get space

The Brixton Pound Cafe is a community asset. Since opening in July 2016 we've welcomed regular art classesyoung parent groupsgigsbook launchescampaign meetingssocial research launch partiespoetry & spoken word nightsyouth education sessions - and much more - into the space.

The whole idea of the community cafe concept is to open up town centre space normally off-limits to community groups to help them do what they want to do.

"Thanks for the opportunity to use the space as it has defiantly allowed me to raise my profile and confidence. Other places have requested my workshops for future projects" - Kes, Heart in Art mosaic workshops

"The Brixton Pound cafe has been a game-changer for us...Our participants, all of whom are young people from the borough, love learning and planning there. B£ has given us a home in the centre of our town, where we before we had to look outside of our community." - Amelia, Advocacy Academy

The space is available on a sliding scale hire fee. You can find out more and how to apply here.

We're only a small team - so to make the most of our shop we need your ideas and energy.


The Brixton Fund is supported by Marsh and ParsonsSeven at Brixton and Three Eight Four. Buy your B£-themed cocktails there to contribute to the Fund!