Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound


Alex James

Alex was the first Treasurer of the Brixton Pound. We appreciate all his time doing the thankless task of sorting out the accounts and running round notes to businesses in the early days.

Annalisa Dorigo

Annalisa was the first paid member of staff for the B£ and she organised the second birthday party at the Electric, oversaw the launch of the electronic currency and loads more to boot. She held the team together through some of the most challenging times and is another person that we owe a lot to.

Annie Quick

Annie was one of the first people to go round signing up businesses in the early days when people thought we were out of this world. She also produced our first business supply directory.

Anne Fairbrother

Anne is the founder of Brixton Cornercopia (local food store, homestore & restaurant) which was the first of the new wave of food businesses in Brixton Village. As a Director and Treasurer she supported the B£ as an innovative tool working toward social and economic inclusion. She’s lived in Brixton for more than half her life and is probably staying put. In the past she has worked as a BBC Imagineer, innovation consultant, lecturer in design, and as an organiser of international community projects for the Quakers. Outside of work she is trying to grow things or photograph things.

Clare Allsop

Clare knows how to organise a good party. She sorted out the launch party of the B£ back in 2009. It included Steel Pans, food cake and some chaos as the first notes were unveiled.

Dorothee Olivereau

Dorothee brought her creative design flair to the B£ team - designing all first flyers and leaflets. We were all sad when she moved back to France. She is still close to the action though, working with Transition Town Brixton and Brixton Energy / Repowering London.

Duncan Law

It is unlikely the B£ would exist without Duncan. He got the early team together to work on the project and has popped up at nearly everything the currency has organised.


Eli organised our collectors packs for the first few years - sending out all those notes. He is also doing lots of cool currency stuff himself nowadays.

Hannah Lewis

Hannah was one of the co-founders and was our resident design guru. She oversaw the design of the first edition notes and also designed the first B£ logo.

Isabelle Delatour

Isa was one of founders and due to her great charms was able to sign up many of the first B£ businesses. She also got the B£ onto the curriculum as a teacher in South London.

Katy Robinson

Katy did the press work when the B£ was first launched. Thanks to her the B£ was on ITV news, in pretty much every broadsheet and tabloid newspaper, and even on Newsround!

Mamading Ceesay

Mamading was one of the people that kicked off the development of an alternative currency for Brixton. He parted company before the launch because he didn't want a sterling backed currency but he has been a constant source of inspiration and ideas.

Mardi Jamieson

Mardi was one of the first directors of the B£. She brought a business perspective, a calming energy and free use of her partner Fergus who gave out leaflets outside Brixton Tube. She runs the Brixton Therapy Centre.

Mehul Damani

Mehul was B£'s Operations Manager for a long time and made sure the currency's day-to-day ran smoothly. He now works for Greenpeace as a project manager and is active in the Crystal Palace Transition Town. Prior to that he worked for UBS Investment Bank in New York and Zurich. He is passionate about local issues and spends a lot of his free time working on transition initiatives.

Nick Hillard

Nick Hillard is a project and programme manager with extensive experience in central and local government. He has worked in Lambeth for 7 years for Lambeth Council in a number of project and policy roles in children’s services, the Local Strategic Partnership and corporate business development where he currently manages the Council’s Programme Management Office. Nick played a key role in supporting the B£ in a number of its projects, including its transformation into a digital currency, the acceptance of B£s for the payment of business rates and the development of the Brixton Bonus and Community Fund. Before becoming a project manager, Nick had a 6 year management career in in menswear fashion.  When not in work Nick spends his time trying to keep his three year old son entertained and out of mischief or making less than successful improvements to the family home.


Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall

Rahima helped launch the Brixton Pound and has contributed to many areas of its evolution, including the launch of pay-by-text. She is a big believer in the power of localism, and had been involved in the organising of the Brixton Give and Take Market, as well as the board of the Brixton Market Traders Federation. When not working she is likely to be found in a garden.

Steve Bradley

Steve was one of the first directors. He was on hand for all the major happenings in the first years of the currency's life.

Sue Bell

Sue was one of the founders of the B£ and the mastermind behind some of the early planning work. She provided the B£ with insights from running the Brixton LETS scheme. She added her magic touch to many aspects of the project.

Tim Nichols

Tim project managed the launch of the B£. Working with energy and fun for free for two years he is also one the B£ allstars without whom we would not be here today.