The Brixton Pound is the local currency that builds a more resilient and inclusive economy, and creates community pride.  It’s money that sticks to Brixton. And it is about to get stickier.

Our new initiative, the Brixton Bonus, is true to its name in that it generates a series of bonuses for Brixton.


bonus map


First is the creation of the Brixton Fund, a new micro grant scheme for Brixton-based projects. The fund focuses on training, local supply chain, and projects that facilitate participating in the civic economy. It is managed by Brixton Pound members, giving them responsibility for deciding how money is spent.

The fund will be built up using a monthly lottery, with prize money available in Brixton Pounds – another bonus, this time for the lucky winners and Brixton’s local independent businesses.

The Brixton Bonus – building a better Brixton in London’s most fun and generous economy.

Our current bonus

In the run up to launching the Brixton Bonus, we are running a number of mini-bonuses to engage people with our main payment platform, pay-by-text (B£e). To find out the current bonus, go to here.