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Brixton Bonus Terms and Conditions of Entry


Entry can be paid by standing order, cheque, via online payment, pay-by-text or browser transfer of electronic B£, or in cash at participating vendors.

The Bonus is open to all members of the public over the age of 16, excluding employees or Board members of Brixton Pound CIC.

Bonus tickets may be bought on behalf of others by employers and other organisations, where an agreement to do so exists between the employer and Brixton Pound CIC.

The price of a Bonus ticket is £1, or B£1.

Entries received will be allocated a number and confirmation of entry stating the Bonus ticket(s) number(s) and details (as per Bonus database) and all other information required by the Small Society Lottery license guidelines.

Subscribers will not be entered into the draw until a payment has been received.

Non-payment will invalidate an entry. Not payment includes circumstances where:

  • a user account has insufficient B£s to purchase a specified number of recurring Bonus entries
  • confirmation from employers of payroll contributions ceasing.

An entry will also be considered invalid if received from a individual under the age of 16.

In the event of any variance between a subscribers payments and Bonus records, evidence of payment into the Bonus may be required.


All proceeds, after the payment of winnings and controlled expenses, such as the employment of staff to administer the Bonus, will be made available to the Brixton Bonus & Brixton Fund subcommittee of the Brixton Pound CIC for the furtherance of its aims and dissemination via the Brixton Fund.


Prizes shall be determined by The Brixton Pound CIC.  Online purchase of a Bonus entry will prompt instructions for the completion of a B£ account creation, if required.

Employees of Brixton Pound CIC will contact winners. Winners may need to visit the Brixton Pound premises to collect their prizes. Prizes not collected within one month of the draw may be withdrawn.

Any B£ cash prizes cannot be exchanged into the equivalent sterling sum.

If a profile is not completed within one month of the draw in order for Brixton Pound CIC to be able to contact and inform the prize winner and/or transfer prize winnings the prize winner's claim shall lapse.


The Brixton Bonus (the "Bonus") will be promoted and administered by the Brixton Pound CIC , a community interest company limited by guarantee.

The Bonus is promoted in furtherance of the aim to promote local enterprise, social action projects and community benefit in Brixton, south London.


The Bonus is licensed under the Gambling Act 2005 and registered with Lambeth Council as a Small Society Lottery. It will operate within the Law and Lambeth Council guidelines.

All policy matters will be undertaken by the Brixton Pound CIC Board, who will meet not less than twice a year.

All operational matters will be undertaken by the Brixton Pound staff members, appointed by the Board and accountable to them on any matters relating to the Bonus, the entrants or the draw.


Refunds will only be given where an error has been made, or where an entrant is found to be under the age of 16.

Company Ceases to Trade

Brixton Pound CIC reserves the right to stop the Bonus at any time.

Any prepayments beyond 2 months will be refunded.


Cancellation of an entry is at the onus of the player or in the event of death, their estate.

It is the responsibility of each player to notify Brixton Pound CIC of any change in banking and personal details.

The Draw

The draw will be initiated by Brixton Pound CIC employees, using the true random number generator. All details of each draw will be recorded.

Draws will take place at the discretion of Brixton Pound CIC.

With the permission of the Board a maximum of 3 draws may take place in advance or retrospectively in the event of staff absences.

In the event of an error, the Bonus for that month will be declared void and a fresh Bonus draw shall take place within 48 hours of the original being declared void.

The Board of Directors are judges in the event of any error in the draw, multiple draws having to take place and/or any query as to the outcome of the draw. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the allocation of prizes.