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Brixton Bonus FAQs

Can I play if I'm not already a B£ member?

Absolutely, simply using our online portal to play. By doing so you will automatically be created a B£ online account into which you will receive any winnings, and via which you can track your Bonus ticket entries and set up automatic recurring entries.

We also run regular market stalls around Brixton where it is possible to purchase a physical ticket, in the form of a contactless card. This card will contain an active Brixton Pound account, with credit for one Brixton Bonus ticket for the upcoming draw. Anyone who purchases this card must then go to and register it, changing the generic information in the account to include your personal details. 

How do I know what my chances of winning are?

You don’t know, precisely. That will depend on the number of people who play each month.

Will the prize fund go up depending on how many people play?

Yes. We will use 3-monthly averages of player numbers to increase prize availability in proportion to player numbers each quarter.

How will the Brixton Fund money be distributed?

Responsibility for distributing Brixton Fund monies lies with the Brixton Pound CIC Board. Anyone is able to make an application, and grant rounds will be advertised widely throughout Brixton.

Can the process of entering each month be automated?

Yes, once you are registered as a B£ member you can set up a recurring Bonus entry via our online platform.

Is the BrixtonBonus officially licensed?

Yes, under the Gambling Act 2005. It is registered as a Small Society Lottery with Lambeth Council

What is a micro grant?

A micro-grant is a grant, usually of not more than £1000, that is available for individuals and organisations to apply to without onerous application procedures.

How will the BrixtonBonus draw be made?

The draw will be made by a computer, using the API. This utilises true random number generation, derived from white noise. Records of each draw are digital recorded and are available for any Bonus member to scrutinise.

How will we know if I have won?

The Brixton Pound will contact you immediately after the draw has been made. You can also login to your B£ account to see if you have been successful after the draw has been made.

If you have entered the Brixton Bonus via the purchase of a contactless card, then you must register your personal details (see above in the first answer) so that we are able to contact you in the event of winning. If you don't do this within 30 days of the draw then your claim to a winning ticket is forfeited, and we will re-run the draw or offer an extra prize at the next Brixton Bonus.

How will I receive my winnings?

You will receive them by electronic transfer, in B£s, into your online B£ account from where you are able to spend them using your mobile phone or B£ contactless cards.

What evidence of my ticket will I receive?

You will receive confirmation of each lottery ticket you have purchased, with a unique ticket number. This can be viewed at any time by logging in to your online B£ account.

Is there a limit on what the B£ will take for its own development?

Yes, the Brixton Pound will derive an upper limit of £3000/month from the Brixton Bonus’ revenue, and never more than 50%, for its own development.

Where can I spend my B£ prize money?

You can spend your prize money in one of hundreds of Brixton businesses - from Morleys to Brixton Cycles to cafes and coffee shops. Check out our online directory here.

How can I spend my B£s?

You can spend electronic B£ on your mobile phone using Pay-By-Text or the Brixton App, via pay-by-tab using a B£ contactless card at certain businesses - or you can cash your winnings out into physical notes which can be used in stores.

What is the B£?

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