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Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound Board

Binki Taylor

Binki is a local business owner and life coach. As one of the very first wave of business owners in Brixton Village, she is passionate about the potential of strong communities to empower citizens. As Co-Chair she intends to support the development of the B£ as an inclusive social tool that creates accessible opportunities for all, develops local business, and strengthens our already incredible community. When not working Binki can quite often be found dancing on 5th Avenue in a gold leather jacket.

Charlie Waterhouse

Charlie’s day job is being creative at This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll, a Brixton-born design agency (that now resides in Borough, the turncoats). Responsible for the design of the second edition (Bowie) Brixton Pounds, they also had the bright idea of asking Turner Prize-winning Jeremy Deller to produce our 5th Anniversary note. When not doing things like that, he’s likely failing to out-fox his two children, cycling very slowly up Brixton Hill or seeing The Fall. Charlie is 6’ 1”.

Emma Davis

Day Job:
- Head of Product, Search to Book, for Thomas Cook Group
Out of hours:
- Independent consultancy in eCommerce and the arts
- Passionate about the ability of technology to transform community reach, engagement and profitability of arts, artists and galleries.
In her full time role, Emma oversees the online search to book experience for Thomas Cook.  As part of Thomas Cook's digital transformation she is tasked with delivering creative online solutions to the experience of searching, bespoking and paying for a holiday.

Previously, Emma has played an integral role in Visa Europe’s strategic programme to develop a digital wallet, as well as working across a range of industries in using data and business intelligence to deliver brilliant customer products. 

Satchi Dhillon

Satchi is a qualified HR professional working for one of London’s biggest housing associations. She has lived in Brixton since she was born and her family have lived in the area since 1953.  She takes a keen interest in what’s happening in her local area and has made friends with lots of other locals along the way. Satchi’s previous work experience ranges from working in front line supported housing to post production. As well as being an avid Crystal Palace fan, when not working, Satchi enjoys camping, reading and dancing.

Zac Monro (Associate Director)

Zac has been a Director of the B£ for many years and DJ'ed at most of our events. A hard-working father of three and award-winning architect working with local residents associations, local businesses, and local developers since 2000, Zac has also worked on larger developments and community self-build projects around the Olympic Park as well as high profile private houses. He’s been walking Brixton’s streets for over 20 years and has his fingers in most of its pies. Away from work he submits to the constant pounding of his Progenies. Around the world he is known as the minimalist of Air Guitar, and founded the United Kingdom’s Air Guitar Championships in 2007.