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Join TTB's Local Entrepreneurs Forum!

Our friends Transition Town Brixton are looking for 10 local enterprises that want some help to propel themselves into the local economic stratosphere!

Brixton Energy

Transition Town Brixton helped Brixton Energy to launch its pioneering solar power scheme in 2012 (photo www.brixtonblog.com)

TTB is a community-led initiative working to plan a transition to a low-energy future. In 2013 they published their REconomy reports on the real benefits of localising the food and energy economy in Lambeth. Money that circulates locally does far more good than money that escapes into the shareholder pockets and down the long supply chains of the big corporates (yeah, we already knew that! 🙂 )

TTB are looking for 10 local enterprises (or would-be enterprises) to take part in the Local Entrepreneurs Forum, a powerful catalyst for a new kind of economy in Brixton and Lambeth which will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and other changemakers to learn from each other, form new relationships, and join efforts on new enterprises. Local entrepreneurs will pitch to a Community of Dragons (everyone!) to get investment, support, and training such as business planning, pitching, local marketing, business networking, etc.

This is a tried and tested model which Transition Town Totnes have been using for 3 years. Here’s a short film about their 2014 Forum:

This event and process is central to community-supported economic regeneration. Everyone has a stake in their local economy and can be an investor too (not just of money). Entrepreneurs supported by the community do better, and the economy does better, too! Everybody wins.

Want to be one of the LAMBETH REconomy enterprises?

  • PLEASE CHECK the characteristics of a ‘Transition Enterprise’ to see the kind of enterprise TTB are trying to support and bring into existence – social, ethical, appropriately local, committed to the area, future-appropriate. Read of some examples of pioneering  businesses that are contributing to the local community, the local economy and keeping value local.
  • Then fill in the short application form here ASAP – first warm-up event will take place in November.

For more details or to talk it over email dl@duncanlaw.co.uk and/or phone/text 07958 635181.

You can read more about the event and other work Transition Town Brixton do here.

Christmas shopping in Brixton pounds

I’ve pledged to do all my christmas shopping this year in Brixton Pounds, so this Saturday I went off round Brixton to do just that. Not only did I manage it with ease, I also found a whole load of wonderful new shops I didn’t know existed until a few weeks ago. Many thanks to Wild CaperGruff and Tackleton’s Winter Menagerie, Bricolage, Brixton Cornercopia, No. 1 Village Bakeries, Remade in Brixton and Bookmongers for providing such great gifts. I also got my wrapping paper at Pound & Plus taking advantage of their 5% B£ discount.

You can watch a short film of the whole experience right here – I hope it inspires you to reject the west end, chain stores, supermarkets and big name brands and get down to Brixton to spend your money where it matters. You won’t be disappointed.

Extra special thanks to all the shopkeepers and staff for letting us film and being generous with your time, morleys for issuing my pounds, a massive thanks to Fiona Melville (19 Electric films), filmmaker extraordinaire, who filmed, produced and edited the video,  Simon Bishop for equipment loan, and lastly to Rosie’s deli and Mckinson costcutter on Acre Lane for providing the appropriate refreshments and allowing us to spend even more Brixton Pounds.