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Jeremy Deller designs new five Brixton Pound note

We are very happy and proud to announce that the artist Jeremy Deller has designed a special edition paper B£5 in celebration of the currency being five years old. His extraordinary design adds a significant and provocative message that reflects our intention to raise the conversation of how we understand, use and value money in this time of economic instability and what we could aspire to in the future.

Jeremy Deller won the Turner Prize in 2004 and was selected to represent Great Britain at the Venice Biennale in 2013. This special edition B£5 is produced in collaboration with Fraser Muggeridge Studios.

As our own designer, Charlie Waterhouse says:

“These are the most amazing currency notes ever produced. No exaggeration. They’re beautiful and mysterious; spiritual and politicising. In two small sides of paper it provides the most compelling response to the rot that emanates from the Square Mile that I’ve seen since we were all told we had to live under the yoke of Austerity”.

“They’re living proof that while the Establishment can try all they might to take our money, they can’t take our spirit. The pounds Sterling in our pockets are monochrome, dull and in thrall to history and hierarchy – designed to remind us that ‘our’ money isn’t really ours at all. Brixton Pounds are the exact opposite. Joyous and empowering, they remind us that we can all make positive decisions about our spending, and make a real difference to the community around us. They’re wonderful invites to us all to step into a better future.”


The note, each of which has a unique serial number from its limited print run, will be available from 8 July at the evening launch event in central Brixton, and from local stockists and online thereafter. It is available to order on the Brixton Pound website: www.brixtonpound.org/shop 

The launch event will take place on Windrush Square on Wednesday 8 July 2015, from 6pm-10pm. Alongside the exchange point, where people will be able to purchase the special edition B£5, there will be a free give and take market, made up of donated items.

A note-able piece of Brixton history

Over the last couple of years Brixton residents have been able to enjoy their own currency to support their very own shops and businesses. The Brixton Pound has not only been supporting local independent traders, but it has also been able to highlight and promote what has been often understated and taken for granted. I am talking about a very strong community spirit and the will and commitment of people to do something positive for their local area.

The local businesses and residents coming on board in support of the Brixton Pound has been nothing short of revolutionary: it shows their tremendous dose of good will and vision, and a desire for a fairer economic system in which the diversity of our high street is defended and encouraged.

This is a little piece of history which we are humbled to be part of, but the sort of thing that often still goes on unrecognised, and which is at risk of fading away in the aftermath of the recent sad turn of events which saw riots and looting within (but not only) our local community.

But, just as before, the Brixton Pound is still hard at work highlighting that Brixton is a thriving, creative and progressive place to live and work in. And luckily our beautiful Brixton Pound notes, featuring important people in the history of Brixton as voted by the public, and designed by a local artist, still offer a stunning reminder of all things great about our local area.

So if you haven’t got your Brixton Pound notes yet, this is your chance to own the Brixton Pound First Edition collector’s set, before the notes expire at the end of September and our second edition is unveiled. You can purchase our First Edition collector’s  set on line by clicking here.

Please make your order by Friday 30th September 2011 – and guarantee yourself a little piece of history!

All proceeds are reinvested in the Brixton Pound, a Community Interest Company (CIC 07635113), that supports local independent businesses and a stronger and more sustainable local economy.