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Project Manager's farewell to the Brixton Pound, and drinks, and more…

After some three years with the Brixton Pound, I have come to my last day today as Project Manager and this will be therefore my last post while on the job.

And as I reflect on these last few years, well there are many so exciting moments in our journey: the launch in 2009 (Oh my god it really is happening!), the 1st year anniversary (Oh my god we are still going!), the 2nd year relaunch, the new notes and our new Pay by Text service (Oh my god, it works!).

And many things I have loved, and still love, about being involved with the B£, including:  being part of such bold and visionary bunch of people who decided that it was high time we reclaimed some control over our money; the empowering feeling you get when you are able to decide where your money goes and who it benefits;  getting to know for the first time the community in which I have lived for many years, and the realisation of the amazing wealth of talent which is right on my doorstep! Discovering quirky new places and interesting businesses; seeing the evolution of some incredibly worthwhile social enterprises and community initiatives (e.g. Brixton Energy, Transition Town Brixton, Cycooldelic Revoutions, the Remakery, Velocal, IRMO, Makerhood, the Market Traders Federation, Brixton People’s Kitchen, the Vida Walsh Centre, to name only but a few) and ultimately feeling part of something important, bold and bigger than myself.

And I never cease to be amazed by the commitment and drive of the many people I have come into contact with through the Brixton Pound, and who often voluntarily embark on initiatives that seek to better the community in which they live, to create connections, to engage, to support local enterprise and skills, to help promote a more inclusive and sustainable way of life. Truly inspiring stuff, and necessary, and it is all happening right here! Times are achangin, and it’s not all doom and gloom.

So there is much to celebrate you see. I hope you’ll be able to join us on Thursday 3rd May for some drinks and also introductions of new B£ team members and to find out the latest exciting developments and partnerships ahead.

The venue: Kaff Bar, 64 Atlantic Road. The time: from 6pm till late. It is election day of course, so get your votes in and come join!

And if you can’t make it, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and I wish you the best of luck in all your pursuits.

With love, respect and admiration.


Join us for our belated Christmas party!

Happy New Year everyone, we hope 2012 brings health, happiness and prosperity to all.

Kaff's cool counter's mural

So with Christmas now really and truly out of the way…well we decided to postpone our Christmas party until mid-January when we thought we would be in serious need of cheering up.  But let’s just remove the ‘Christmas’ and focus on the ‘party’!

We hope you and your friends and loved ones can join us on the night, Thu 19th January from 6:30pm at Kaff Bar.

Kaff Bar are both on our paper and electronic currency schemes, so plenty chance to play with your phones on the night.

There will be DJs and some finger food, and more importantly a great crowd of Brixton residents and businesses to socialise and network with.   We shall also be  at hand to sign up any newbies onto our amazing Pay by Text service, for which you get a 10% automatically added to your account every time you top it up.

Other than that, it’ll be an informal evening of drinks, nibbles, chats and DJ’s spinning their tunes.

We look forward to seeing you then!