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When you hear the words…

… ‘Barber de Seville’, maybe you think about the famous opera or perhaps even the funny Bugs Bunny sketch where Bugs makes a fruit salad on Elmer Fudd’s head. Well – a growing number of us in Brixton think of one of our favorite barber shops in the heart of Brixton.

The Barber de Seville has now been open for 11 months (happy 11 month birthday!) and has been a great success with locals. With its trendy interior, friendly staff and long opening hours it has quickly grown to establish itself as one of the leading men’s hairdressers in Brixton. I got my haircut there last week and am incredibly pleased with it!

It is especially popular with pay-by-text Brixtonites giving them the opportunity to support the local economy in a convenient, hassle-free way.

Dorian (pictured above) has no resemblance to Bugs Bunny but was a little shy in wanting to appear on video (see our previous blog). You are likely to see Dorian in house or in the Brixton area. If you see him, please say hello!

So – if you have a date tonight, a job interview tomorrow and just need a haircut today – pop into The Barber de Seville and pay using money that sticks to Brixton.

Opening hours:

Monday:10am to 8pm
Tuesday:10am to 8pm
Wednesday:10am to 8pm
Thursday:10am to 8pm
Friday:10am to 8pm
Saturday:9am to 6pm
Sunday:11am to 5pm

Ssssh…Brixton's best-kept secret hosts B£ fundraiser

Our Beautiful Brixton fundraiser event went with a bang on Sunday 10th April, with some amazing new looks emerging from what is officially the best-kept secret in the Brixton’s hair universe.

Ivan and his team at Hair Focus gave Brixton Pound supporters some gorgeous haircuts and makeovers at unbeatable prices, helping us raise a whopping £320.

However, for those of you who could not make it this time, worry not. Your tresses will still have the opportunity to get the Hair Focus treatment. The salon runs special offers all the time, and who knows, we may even be doing another fundraiser there soon…

So pop into Hair Focus, only five minutes walk from Brixton tube station, on Overton Road, in a relaxed setting away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre.

The salon has been offering haircuts and makeovers for three years, and is a favourite of returning customers and Brixton Pound supporters. Go once, and you won’t look back – you’ll get a super-relaxing head massage as your hair is washed by friendly stylists using quality Italian hair products. You can find Hair Focus on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/fy5bPj

And for all those dog lovers out there, you may even get a glimpse of the gorgeous four-month old puppy Sandia (‘sandia’ means ‘watermelon’ in Spanish) who will no doubt charm you with her clumsy puppy energy.

So from the Brixton Pound team, a huge thank you to Hair Focus and all those who came down to support us on the day!

All proceeds will help the Brixton Pound promote local trade and production, and a stronger local economy.

'Beautiful Brixton' fundraising event

We are delighted to announce the Brixton Pound 2nd Fundraising Event, to be hosted by Hair Focus Salon, hair and image specialists. This hairstyle and makeover event is taking place on Sunday 10th April, 10-6pm.

So give yourself or someone you love a fresh new look this spring, with a haircut and/or a makeover session, and take advantage of a haircut and blow dry for £20 (normal price £43), and/or a makeover package for £25 (normal price £170). But do hurry, spaces are limited and appointments will be given on a first come first basis.

All proceeds will help the Brixton Pound encourage local trade and production, and help us promote a stronger and diverse local economy in which small independent businesses, and the communities they represent, have a fair chance to thrive.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

The Brixton Pound Hair Focus Fundraiser: making Brixton beautiful!