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New items on sale in the Community Shop

Products available in the Community Shop

Products available in the Community Shop

Pop down to the Community Shop (Unit 6, Brixton Village) and take a gander at the brand spanking new items for sale. All profits will be reinvested in the Brixton Pound project.

From left to right:

– Copies of The Wizard: a whole new Oz for our times by David Boyle, a fellow of the New Economics Foundation. Based on the the idea that Frank Baum actually wove his famous tale around the monetary battles of the 1890s, The Wizard is ‘a modern Wizard of Oz for the days of derivatives, sub-prime mortgages and Goldman Sachs.’ The book also includes David Boyle’s celebrated speech at the launch of the Brixton Pound.

– The latest album from The Soothsayers and the Red Earth Collective inculding the track ‘The Brixton Pound’. See our interview with Robin Hopcraft of The Soothsayers here.

– A range of tasteful hand-crafted silver jewellery from Full Moon Designs who can usually be found at the Brixton Arts and Crafts Market next to Morleys on Fridays and Saturdays.

– The ever-popular Brixton Pound Sauce. Locally produced and market ‘sauced’ (arf). Not available for purchase in the Community Shop but you can get your hands on a bottle just a hop, skip and a jump away at Brixton Cornercopia (Unit 65, 4th Avenue, Brixton Village).

– The new ‘Brixton Power’ T-shirts, available in men’s and women’s sizes, for patriotic Brixtonites. The T-shirts are made from 100% ethically traded organic cotton and feature graphics designed by a local resident. See one modelled by an unwilling volunteer here.

Make sure you pay in B£s, there are discounts available if you do!

New businesses accepting the Brixton Pound

Here’s a quick run down of some of the latest businesses to accept the B£. As well as paying in B£s you can also ask for them in change, a quick and easy way to get hold of B£s without visiting an exchange point.

1. Phillip’s Fruit + Veg, Brixton Village [previously Granville Arcade]

Phillip's Fruit + Veg in Brixton Village

Phillip's Fruit + Veg in Brixton Village

Phillip has been running this greengrocers in Brixton Village for almost seven years. He sells a huge variety of fruit and veg, including Brixton staples like yams, green bananas and coconuts.

2. Take 2wo, Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo in Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo in Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo is a friendly café/restaurant serving great value Caribbean food. It’s often open late and on Saturdays there’s a BBQ just outside where you can take your pick from jerked meats and roasted fish.

3. The Agile Rabbit, Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria in Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria in Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit [note the bunny on the unicycle] is a very recent addition to Brixton Village, having only been open for five weeks. Run by Victor, they serve up excellent quality pizza to takeaway or linger over in their sun-trap of a restaurant.  Look out for their bicycle-powered delivery service launching this Summer.

4. Etta’s Seafood Kitchen

Etta's Seafood Kitchen in Brixton Village

Etta's Seafood Kitchen in Brixton Village

In her charmingly decorated kitchen Etta cooks up a wide range of delicious fish dishes like crab fritters, steamed mussels and seafood linguine. Prices are incredibly reasonable and there’s an (even cheaper) children’s menu too.

Brixton Pound T-Shirts have landed!

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Brixton Pound T-Shirts now available in the Community Shop.

The T-shirts are made of very soft and ethically traded organic cotton and feature graphics designed by a local resident.  They come in both men’s sizes (S/M, L/XL, XXL) and women’s  sizes (S/M, L/XL).

To get your hands on one call in at the shop (unit 6, Granville Arcade, Brixton Village) or pre-order by email (brixtonpound@gmail.com), and we’ll make sure we have your size ready at the shop for collection.

Yours for £15, or B£13.

Volunteer with the Brixton Pound

The Community Shop in Granville Arcade

The Community Shop in Granville Arcade

There are loads of ways that you can help the B£ as well as spending it. We are hosting a very informal meeting on Thursday 3rd June for anyone keen to join the team. We will talk a little about the B£’s plans and activities and then there will be an opportunity to have a chat and discuss ways of getting involved.

Over the summer There are loads of festivals and community events which we are looking to participate in, to help spread the word, increase B£ circulation, and generally make the B£ louder and more visible. Perhaps you could help us with this?

Here are a few different ways that we need help. Get in touch if you think you’re the one for the job!

1) Processing collectors’ packs – online and Ebay orders
2) Saturday outreach – visiting business supporters ensuring they have all necessary communication material; also help with staffing an info stall outside KFC between 11:00-15:00hrs
3) Thursdays drop-in session at the community shop – to help with visitors’ enquiries between 18:00-22:00hrs
4) Producing communication material e.g. A4 posters for businesses
5) Translation of our user guide into community languages e.g. Yoruba, French, Polish
6) Helping during events such as the Lambeth County Show, Brixton Splash, etc.

The Community Shop is in Granville Arcade (entrance from Coldharbour Lane, past the Dogstar and immediately on the left past the railway bridge). The shop is the third unit on the left hand side.

Come for a cup of tea and to find out in more detail how you can get involved.

Antics after dark in Brixton Village

Thursday 29 April saw the first late night opening of Brixton Village Market. To mark the event, alternative club night Feeling Gloomy travelled South of the river from their usual home in Islington bringing with them teddy bear racing, gorilla Twister and robot Connect 4 (which looked as bizarre as it sounds).  Elsewhere in the market, cafés and restaurants stayed open into the night along with art galleries and craft workshops while just outside, Brazilian caterers cooked up a storm of scrummy Acarajé, an Afro-Brazilian street food usually found on the streets of Salvador.

Branded by the B£

Branded by the B£!

The B£ team were out in force, selling pounds on the night, manning the Community Shop and painting the B£ logo on anyone who was willing!

There was a real carnival atmosphere in the Village, helped along a little by the BOY policy. Brixtonian Rowan Sawday said, “It felt like the community was thrown open. Everyone was just relaxed and mingling and I had wicked conversations with about five new people. I’ll be there for the next one!” So far the plan is to keep Brixton Village open late every Thursday, with the possibility of extending this to Market Row (fingers firmly crossed). Make sure you get down to the next one and show some support!

Brixton Pound badges are the latest craze…

Keyring designs

Did you know that you can buy yourself our very special Brixton Pound badges and key rings from our community shop?

They come in various colours and design, are handmade in store, by our team of creative craftspeople, using recycled materials as much as possible, and we are selling them at the bargain price of 1 Brixton Pound.

By wearing them you will help us raise awareness about the initiative, may get some conversations started about local currencies, while of course also looking absolutely cool…

Or you could come to the community shop and make your own – we have fabrics and materials, but you are also welcome to bring your own.

All money raised goes towards supporting the Brixton Pound.