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Is your bank funding climate change?

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Is your bank heavily investing in oil, gas and coal extraction? 1 in 3 people in Britain want their banks to stop investing in fossil fuels. These are socially and environmentally disastrous industries, and so effectively the big banks are driving irreversible climate change. Not in your name? You want to get involved in Move Your Money UK’s new campaign Divest!

If you agree banks should divest from fossil fuels, the Divest! campaign is asking you to take control of your savings and put your bank on notice. Click here to send them an email with a simple ultimatum – either they disclose their investments and vow to take your money out of fossil fuels, or you’ll take your money out of their accounts.

Divest! is giving the big banks 3 months – if they don’t clean up their act, Move Your Money can advise you where to move to support Good Money: where your savings will be contributing to a positive change in the world.

By pledging your support, you are joining a growing movement of divestors that are moving their money out of the problem and into the solution. Check out Move Your Money’s website for more information about the campaign.

Brixton Pound supports ethical banking, and so is backing the Divest! campaign. Take action now and put your bank on notice – “either you divest, or I will!”

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It is time to MOVE YOUR MONEY

The banking sector isn’t working for people, small business or wider society. Despite plunging the economy into the worst recession in living memory and enjoying the biggest tax-payer bailout in history, big banks continue to profit while public services and local economies starve.

These are very much the concerns of Move Your Money, a new campaign launched last week , at the onset of the banking bonus season.

Move Your Money UK seeks to use consumer power to both raise awareness around and support mutually owned, ethical and socially useful banking providers, such as credit unions, building societies, community development finance institutions. It wants to see a financial system that works for people and society, it seeks to engage the public with the financial system and to promote an open and constructive dialogue between the two.

The B£ is delighted to support the Move Your Money campaign, as it is very much in line with our own aims of empowering people to reclaim control over their money through their spending decisions (a local currency enables just that!), and through supporting ethical banking providers (such as the London Mutual Credit Union on Acre Lane) who will reinvest into local communities, small businesses, and those who are financially excluded.

You can check out the Move Your Money campaign here, and also see a very funny video about some high street performers…Lastly, you can read more about our Brixton based ethical bank, the London Mutual Credit Union, right here.  (Place your cursor over any of the bold text and a link will appear).

Will you move your money?