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Introducing a new regular event… No Kidding!

This is a guest blog post written by Rachel Segal Hamilton, Brixton creative, journalist, and mum.

Introducing… No Kidding

My dad used to live in Brixton in the ‘90s so, as a kid, I was here every other weekend. I remember Saturday morning trips to buy veg at the market and summer days dancing to reggae at the Country Show. I moved back just over three years ago and just over three months ago I became a mum.

Since my daughter was born, I’ve discovered there are great activities in the area for young children. But the conversations I have at these places always seems to come back to the same subject: our kids. We analyse, in unhealthily obsessive detail, how much they’re sleeping (or not), how frequently they feed, the precise Pantone shade of their poo…


Don’t get me wrong, I love my girl, and I’m as preoccupied with these things as the next parent but I’m also interested in what’s going on in the world beyond my own baby bubble. And it’s all too easy to lose touch with your own identity when your focus is constantly on the needs of a new person.

That’s why I decided to start No Kidding, an alternative group for local parents like me to come along, nipper in tow, drink tea, and speak about more than just our offspring. Whether you want to talk about life in Brixton, life before maternity leave or life on Mars – the discussion is up for grabs.

I’m hoping it will be informal and inspiring, a chance to share your opinions, ideas and experiences with a bunch of friendly fellow Brixtonians, who happen to have kids.

Our first meet-up is 10.30-11.30am on Wednesday 17th February at the B£ Shop (formerly A&C Deli), 3 Atlantic Rd, London SW9 8HX.

See you there!

Rachel x

Any questions? For more info, contact Rachel rachelsegalhamilton@yahoo.com or @rachsh on Twitter