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Brixton Pound badges are the latest craze…

Keyring designs

Did you know that you can buy yourself our very special Brixton Pound badges and key rings from our community shop?

They come in various colours and design, are handmade in store, by our team of creative craftspeople, using recycled materials as much as possible, and we are selling them at the bargain price of 1 Brixton Pound.

By wearing them you will help us raise awareness about the initiative, may get some conversations started about local currencies, while of course also looking absolutely cool…

Or you could come to the community shop and make your own – we have fabrics and materials, but you are also welcome to bring your own.

All money raised goes towards supporting the Brixton Pound.

New pop-up shop opens doors

New Generation Project 1As part of the Space Makers initiative and for two weeks only the NEW GENERATION project has set up shop and is offering a range of workshops in Unit 67 Granville Arcade, Brixton Village. Available workshops really offer something for everyone, and include:

  • wood carving
  • stone sculpting
  • costumes making
  • banners making
  • stainglass making
  • drumming
  • bicycle repair

So whether you are artistically inclined, or need some help fixing your bike, or you simply enjoy making stuff with your hands, do pop over and say hi to resident sculptor and painter Jose and bicycle-repairs man Jimmy. They will be very happy to get your hands dirty.

New Generation also sell a number of paintings and sculptures, which you will be able  to purchase using Brixton Pounds.

The unit is open every day, except Sunday, until Saturday 17th April, between 10am and 5:30pm.

Community Shop lease extended!

Community shop April 2010We are absolutely thrilled that Transition Town Brixton (TTB) has decided to keep the shop in Granville Arcade for at least the next 6 months.

It will be home to the 3 Future Jobs Fund workers, including our very own new Project Manager, the Remade in Brixton Marketing and Engagement Coordinator role, and TTB‘s Shop Manager and Assistant Coordinator post: the roles will be advertised as soon as all details have been finalised.

TTB plans to develop the community shop as a really useful Transition Resource and Work Centre. The Brixton Pound will therefore continue to have a central base in the market, from which to launch its community expeditions…Come and see us at the shop, we would love you to get involved.

Volunteers to staff the shop are also always welcome, so if you can spare a few hours do let us know.

Brixton Pound's new home

Brixton Market Row (by Steve Cadman)

Brixton Market Row (by Steve Cadman)

We are delighted to announce that the , together with Transition Town Brixton, the Brixton Market Traders Federation and Friends of Brixton Market, has been given a free space in the heart of Brixton! As part of the Space Makers initiative, what was an empty market unit will be transformed (initially for three months) into a buzzing community space for people to come together, mingle, discuss and contribute to create and enact a vision for Brixton as a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy.

The unit will provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful initiatives happening in our community, and a real chance for everyone to come say hi and get involved. Keep an eye on Unit 6, Granville Arcade for further developments.

Unit 5 at the Granville Arcade, Brixton Market

Our new home: Unit 6 at the Granville Arcade, Brixton Market

And if we ever need a cup of sugar, no doubt our next door neighbour Remade in Brixton at 5 Granville Arcade, will be happy to oblige, as well as lending some great creative skills.