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Brixton Pound pay-by-tap is go!

It was 2011 the last time the B£ reinvented the way you can pay local, with the launch of the B£ e-currency (B£e) and ‘pay-by-text’ payments on your mobile.
Recently we updated our online payment platform, you can login here to check it out if you haven’t already, meaning we’re now ready to make the next leap – into contactless B£ payments.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Click here to let us know you’re taking part. It takes 2 secs.
  2. Turn up at a participating business with a contactless-enabled card. This just means an Oyster card or contactless bank card you already own.
  3. Either ask the business to link your card to your existing B£ account (if you have one) – or to use your card to create a shiny new B£ account for you on the spot! This will not affect in any way that card’s functionality as an Oyster or bank card.
  4. If you’re linking the card to an existing account you can spend straight away. If you’re creating a new B£ account to link to your card, you’ll first need to hop online here (brixtonpound.community-currency.org/login) afterwards to transfer some funds in before you can get going.

Participating businesses are:

Get tapping! 🙂

The future of local businesses in Brixton

The below letter was sent by Brixton Pound co-chair, Binki Taylor, on Thursday 5th February to Cllr Lib Peck (Leader of Lambeth Council), Tessa Jowell MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, Cllr Jack Hopkins (Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth), Tom Bridgman (Delivery Lead for the Future Brixton regeneration programme) and Elly Foster (Chair of the Brixton Business Improvement District)


Dear All,

I am extremely disturbed to hear about the notice being served by Network Rail to the tenants on Atlantic Road and Station Road. Yesterday I had a long conversation with the owners of A&C who are devastated by this announcement and the uncertainty it brings to them and 25 other families involved.

I do not want to believe that the manner in which this is being implemented and the lack of intention in protecting the future of these longstanding Brixton businesses is an acceptable outcome of regeneration for you or anyone responsible for this development programme, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel that protecting the essential essence of Brixton has ever been a serious priority. This makes a complete nonsense of the Future Brixton community consultation process, and I deeply resent the time, energy and commitment taken by myself and many other citizens to protect community interest in the Central Brixton Master Development Plan.

This is not regeneration it is violation and it is taking place at the heart of our community; to the very people that have built and shaped it over many years. As you know I am an advocate of positive change and I am not naive about the commercial considerations needed to make a balanced and viable community. People- their passion, commitment and hard work at a local level, breathe real sustainable life into this community; you cannot replace that with mono-cultural retail and leisure development and expect a culturally rich, diverse and inclusive community to survive and flourish. This is not positive it is destructive; who and what are these longstanding, much loved businesses making way for?

On perhaps a more productive note you could consider re-housing those displaced businesses on the POP site at affordable rents? Any vague whiff of integrity the Future Brixton plan may once have held is now seriously dead in the water. This is extremely damaging and someone needs to take some responsibility for ensuring that livelihoods are not unduly affected in the long term. I, and no doubt many others look forward to hearing from you very soon in a public arena.


Binki Taylor


There is a live petition calling on Network Rail and Lambeth Council to resolve this issue. Please sign it.

New businesses accepting the Brixton Pound

Here’s a quick run down of some of the latest businesses to accept the B£. As well as paying in B£s you can also ask for them in change, a quick and easy way to get hold of B£s without visiting an exchange point.

1. Phillip’s Fruit + Veg, Brixton Village [previously Granville Arcade]

Phillip's Fruit + Veg in Brixton Village

Phillip's Fruit + Veg in Brixton Village

Phillip has been running this greengrocers in Brixton Village for almost seven years. He sells a huge variety of fruit and veg, including Brixton staples like yams, green bananas and coconuts.

2. Take 2wo, Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo in Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo in Brixton Village/Coldharbour Lane

Take 2wo is a friendly café/restaurant serving great value Caribbean food. It’s often open late and on Saturdays there’s a BBQ just outside where you can take your pick from jerked meats and roasted fish.

3. The Agile Rabbit, Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria in Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria in Brixton Village

The Agile Rabbit [note the bunny on the unicycle] is a very recent addition to Brixton Village, having only been open for five weeks. Run by Victor, they serve up excellent quality pizza to takeaway or linger over in their sun-trap of a restaurant.  Look out for their bicycle-powered delivery service launching this Summer.

4. Etta’s Seafood Kitchen

Etta's Seafood Kitchen in Brixton Village

Etta's Seafood Kitchen in Brixton Village

In her charmingly decorated kitchen Etta cooks up a wide range of delicious fish dishes like crab fritters, steamed mussels and seafood linguine. Prices are incredibly reasonable and there’s an (even cheaper) children’s menu too.