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Local energy, local people, local money

Earlier this year we wrote about the launch of Brixton Energy Solar 1. The good news is that the project has been even more successful than was hoped for. The solar panels have generated more electricity than expected.

Brixton Energy Solar 1: The Brixton Energy team at Elmore House – before and after photo; January 2012 and April 2012. Photo credit: Tim Mitchell http://www.timmitchell.co.uk/

Following on from the success, the fabulous team at Brixton Energy have now launched their second 2nd share offer. This will see the installation of 45kW of solar panels on the roofs of the Loughborough Estate in Brixton. The project will be 100% community owned giving local investors a share of the profits, with the remaining profit created being used to help address fuel poverty in Brixton through the Community Energy Efficiency Fund, right across the 20 year life span of the project.

The exciting thing is that this time round you’re able to buy shares and receive returns in Brixton Energy Solar 2 in Brixton Pounds. Local energy, paid for by local investors, using local money! We believe this is another U.K. first! Simply read the relevant documentation, complete and send the application form and make a B£e pay-by-text payment to brixtonenergy.

Brixton Energy Solar 2 site. Five Styles Gardens flats.

Co-founder and project manager of Brixton Energy, Agamemnon Otero, said “This is a true community project that has been enabled through the donation of over 1000 hours time invested by a variety of local people who are committed to a clean energy future. It’s great to see the launch of Brixton Energy Solar 2 and the continued support and commitment from local people. Pioneering inner-city co-operatively owned renewable energy projects has been challenging, but we are proving that with the right skills, dedication and commitment, we can all take steps to make clean energy a reality, and we hope other community groups across the UK will be inspired to take action. We want to make Brixton Energy a shining example of inner city community resilience for the next 20 years”.

Brixton really is at the forefront of sustainability innovation in the U.K. Be part of the revolution and invest in Brixton Energy Solar 2!


Brixton Energy Team

Last week saw the launch of  inner London’s first co-operatively owned solar power station, and it is right here in the heart of Brixton!

Brixton Energy Solar 1 is a new Co-operative set up to enable local people to invest in renewable energy generation in Brixton and raise funds for energy efficiency initiatives. By investing in Brixton Energy Solar 1, your money will be put to work straight away to finance the installation of a major solar power station on the Loughborough Estate in Brixton and a Community Energy Efficiency Fund .”

The project will reduce the area dependence on far away energy sources and their volatile prices, helping reduce energy costs and fuel poverty, and helping cut carbon emissions. Genius.

Are you interested in investing? What would your investment mean in a nutshell?

  • Be at the start and a part of community owned renewable energy in London;
  • Help set up a Community Energy Efficiency Fund that will run for 25 years;
  • A return for your money.

So have a look at the website, read the prospectus and support Brixton Energy. To take action and invest, visit their share offer page.

Last but not least:  tell the world!