Help secure our future (and watch us on telly)

We’ve been filming all day with the lovely crew from Saturday Kitchen. Watch it on Saturday 2 February for interviews and a day in the life of our fabulous cafe.

We’ve also rolled out our fundraising campaign to help secure the future of the cafe. As you know, Brixton Pound Cafe is London’s first and only radical, pay-what-you-can cafe using surplus food saved from landfill. With the help of City Harvest, we save 50kg of fresh produce every week and use it to create our delicious, affordable and inventive vegan & vegetarian menu. We need your help to keep the cafe running as it’s a vital resource in our community, providing a non-judgemental space with fantastic coffee and hot meals. We are looking to raise £10,000 over the next month ensure the future of our radical community project and help share our knowledge and practical expertise with other local and national organisations.

Our main aims are; to actively reduce food waste in the borough of Lambeth, to host accessible events promoting health and well-being, and to socially engage the most isolated and vulnerable members of our community. Pay-what-you-can works very simply; all food and drink in our cafe has suggested prices, but we encourage patrons who can to pay more, so that others can pay less. What would you normally pay? How much can you pay today? Are you able to help someone else out? Please take a look, share, help us if you can 🙏🏽. The link is here: