A year of food waste revolution and radical thought

At the end of our first year of being totally pay-what-you-can and on the eve of our 10th anniversary, our Chair, Binki Taylor, reflects: ‘Thanks to the amazing commitment of our staff, volunteers and patrons, the Brixton Pound Cafe has made a considerable contribution to the food waste revolution in 2018. From a standing start in January 2018, they have expanded their knowledge, honed valuable skills and learnt to run a radical community business using surplus food. Most impressively of all, the cafe has welcomed 18,000 extraordinary customers, saved 3.2 tonnes of produce from landfill and created 11,500 pay-what-you-can meals.

‘On the brink of the 10th anniversary of the Brixton Pound, the cafe has become a significant local influencer, helping people think differently about the value of food as a tool for social inclusion. 2019 is sure to provide a host of opportunities for the team to share this unique expertise further into the communities that will benefit most. I can’t wait to see how it will all unfold.’