Close Knit! Free craft sessions at the Brixton Pound Cafe & Pop Brixton

A recipient of a Brixton Fund grant, the SpaceCraft, held their first crafting session at Pop Brixton on 19 September as part of The Shed with Age UK. The SpaceCraft supports older people at risk of social isolation by bringing them together to make baby booties and other knitted crafts. People of all knitting abilities were in attendance on Tuesday, from absolute beginners to seasoned super-knitters – everyone learned a few new tricks and made a few new friends!

SpaceCraft sessions are a friendly, intergenerational space where people can have fun, meet local people in the area and make new connections – as well as elegant crafted items.

We believe it’s important it’s important to building a healthy society that we actively seek to make connections that we might not otherwise make across boundaries such as age. There are often perceptions around age that limit our ability to see the things we have in common with each other, leading to a higher risk of social exclusion for older people.

The Shed will be holding more events at Pop Brixton on 21st November and 19th December. It’s a chance for people of all ages to come together to help combat social isolation in Brixton and its surrounds. Free to attend, and teas and coffees are provided. Check out the Events page on the Pop Brixton website, or contact if you’d like to bring a group of people along.

Sessions will be taking place every Tuesday from 10-12pm at the Brixton Pound Cafe, and from 2-4 pm in the Greenhouse at Pop Brixton. No need to book, just drop in!