Take your Brixton Pounds on holiday! #lostandpound

Have you seen the 2001 French film Amélie? In it, a young woman comes up with creative ways of improving the lives of those around her. Among other projects, she sets out to shake her father out of depression and reawaken his dream of traveling the world, so she steals his garden gnome and has a flight attendant friend take pictures of it with various international landmarks. Apparently that’s a widely known thing: the travelling gnome prank.

photos of the travelling gnome from the film Amelie

What does that have to do with the Brixton Pound? Well, seeing as it’s the holiday season, we thought we’d invite you to play our own version of the Amélie game and take your Brixton Pounds to travel with you! It’s money that sticks to Brixton, and can only be spent there, but wouldn’t it be funny for B£s to see the world?


Brixton Pound at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt #lostandpound

Brixton Pound at Lake Zürich, Switzerland

Brixton Pound at Lake Zürich, Switzerland #lostandpound

Where will you take your B£s? Even if it’s just a different part of London, take a picture with a B£ in a place other than Brixton, and send it to us with hashtag #lostandpound! Post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, other social media, or simply email us at info@brixtonpound.org. We’ll publish the best on our website, and throw some Brixton Bonus tickets in 🙂