My Brixton Bonus

Guest post by Miss South, author of Recipes from Brixton Village, and Food and Drink editor at the Brixton Blog and the Brixton Bugle.


Summer is well and truly here with the Lambeth Country Show happening and the sun even shining. The Brixton Pound is celebrating by launching its new Brixton Bonus where you could win £1000 in Brixton Pounds to spend how you’d like.

I’ve had a go at spending a fantasy version in my head and found it surprisingly difficult because the temptation was just to buy all my groceries at the Nour Cash and Carry for about a year and maybe stock up on dry Riesling at Market Row Wines. Then I realised that’s basically just my life, and my fantasy one should be a bit more glam…

Inspired by summer and wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible, I decided to feel like a proper grown up and have a picnic that was more than a pork pie and a bottle of beer. First stop was Morley’s for picnic ware including plastic champagne flutes! With my new picnic basket and rug, I then trotted off to the A&C Deli for olives, frittata and cheese and all the pasteis de nata I could carry.

Fruit came from the Nour which along with the best selection of food in town, does a 10% discount for Brixton Pound users. A few bottles of wine and Brixton Brewery beers from Market Row Wines and I realised I was going to have trouble getting it all to Brockwell Park. It seemed like the moment to go to Brixton Cycles and buy a bike…

I also made sure I was hayfever proofed and limber enough to sit on the ground all day by popping along for acupuncture to Brixton Bass and Brixton Therapy Centre for some blissful shiatsu massage. It always amuses me that a trip to the busiest bit of Brixton Road can leave you feeling like you’ve had an actual holiday but the team there manage it every time.

Less relaxing but incredibly satisfying, I got my legs smooth for the sun with a visit to my house from Brazilian Honey Wax while everything chilled in the fridge. I looked for a stylish hat to protect my hair from the sun but got sidetracked stocking up on gorgeous handmade products from Hairy Jayne instead.

I also left some chicken and pork from Dombey’s in Market Row marinading alongside some beautiful picanha steak and chorizo Colombiano from Las Americas butchers in Brixton Village so that I could barbecue on return from the park. No one wants scorch marks in Brockwell Park!

After a glorious afternoon relaxing in the park watching Brixton be Brixton, we came back via The Effra Social for a beer and Snugg for a cocktail before eating a fantastic barbecue meal with all the ingredients being bought in Brixton Pounds in local shops without a visit to a supermarket.

I still had enough left the next day to feed my hangover with a trip to The Duck Egg at Market House for breakfast and stock up on a few cookbooks at 20 Storey Joe, finishing off with an ice cream at Lab G and a nap back at mine.

The perfect Brixton mini break with no travel or hassle, the whole experience would be quite a bonus! I had to struggle to spend it all as Brixton businesses are such good for value for money over the big chains and I ended up with enough remaining to eat a few meals and drink several more cocktails. Happy Summer!