A special #BrixtonBonus offer!

This is a guest blog from Alex Sen, therapist at Habit Freedom, who is offering a very special deal to help us promote #BrixtonBonus. Bag yourselves a very discounted smoking- or sugar-quitting therapy session, and get some Bonus tickets while you’re at it!

Habit Freedom is a uniquely effective way to help you quit habits you don’t want anymore – like smoking, or sugar  – quickly and easily.

For many people, going through the “cold turkey” of withdrawal symptoms, being unable to fight the desire for the addiction whatever they do, is enough to stop them trying to quit.

With Habit Freedom, quitting for good easily becomes a reality.

At its core is a unique method of Bioenergetic rebalancing, developed to great effect in Israel over 25 years ago, and successfully treating over 10,000 individuals there and in Europe since then, and by this, the Habit Freedom treatment is able to successfully “pull the plug” on the cravings that make quitting usually so difficult.

The treatment sessions – simple, relaxing and effective – last around an hour, and include specific after-treatment advice to keep you quit permanently. Joining the more than 80% of those treated by Habit Freedom who quit their habit, for good, quickly, easily and without cravings.

Supporting the Brixton Bonus

I think the Brixton Bonus is a fantastic idea. I want to support local people and local businesses in having the opportunity to get the valuable support that the Brixton Fund provides. So to help get the Brixton Bonus local lottery off to a flying start, I am donating 5 treatment sessions to benefit the lottery fund, and local people directly.

It works like this:

The full price for the treatment course is £497.

I am donating 5 treatment sessions which will be offered to the public for just £60 each – meaning a saving of over £430.

The recipient can choose either a Quit Smoking or a Quit Sugar treatment.

Each treatment will take place at one of 5 individual sessions – on Monday 13th July, and on Tuesday 14th July, at the Brixton Therapy Centre, 510 Brixton Road (next to HSBC). 

After expenses for therapy room rental, etc , the remaining £25 will go directly to the Brixton Fund.

As a special extra gift, to promote the first Brixton Bonus lottery draw on July 19th, £10 of that £25 will be used to to purchase 10 lottery tickets.

These 10 lottery tickets will be returned directly to the person having the treatment, giving them 10 chances to win £1000.

This initiative is offered to help grow awareness of  the existence of the Brixton Bonus lottery, and encourage support by all those who value the motive behind the Brixton Fund.

Please contact me at alex.sen@habitfreedom.co.uk, or phone 01239 393121 to find out more, and to book your treatment (quote Brixton Bonus) – don’t forget, it’s just 5 opportunities available, at a unique saving of over 85%, to quit your unwanted habit for good without cravings, and it’s first come, first served!

Bookings close at 6pm Thursday 9th July. £25 non-refundable deposit required.

Alex Sen, Habit Freedom