As Scotland votes – so will we!


This Thursday marks the coming of two momentus events in British political life – the referendum on Scottish independence; and the Brixton ‘New Independents’ party (part of Brixton Design Week and hosted by the Brixton Pound), showcasing the designs that made the Brixton Pound internationally recognised – and celebrating the independent artists and businesses that make Brixton different.

Now, we might be over-egging the deep-fried-Mars-bar-pudding by suggesting that, come Friday morning, the aftermath of our knees-up will be as widely felt as whatever decision our Scottish friends make.

But – if the Scots will have their independence, we’ll have our independents – and more!

So in the spirit of participation in democratic self-direction, we’ll be holding our own vote on Thursday eve – a referendum on Brixton’s independence! (for a start – we’ve already got our own money).

Come down to cast your vote – yes or no! – and nominate your candidate for the inaugral leader of an independent Brixton (…yes you can nominate yourself, we guess – or perhaps we’d be more like the Paris commune?).

Alongside, at the Grow:Brixton site (where the ice rink used to be on Pope’s Road, opposite Brixton Rec) will be DJs, live music, talks, art displays, drinks, and everyone connected with the Brixton Pound so far – users, business owners, founders, staff and designers.

We’ll also be showcasing some of our upcoming design work themed around the idea of ‘Brixton Independents’, and there’ll also be a chance to hear from the designers of our award-winning notes.

What more could you want? – fun, food, defining design, progressive politics, music and more. We’ve got it all.