Reason to use the Brixton Pound #3

Get to know your local independents

#3 Get to know your local independents

You can’t bank a Brixton Pound, you can’t spend it at Sainsbury’s, and you can’t spend it in Islington. There’s only one thing you can do: spend it in Brixton’s independent businesses. Accepted by over 250 businesses, there’s not much that you can’t buy in Brixton Pounds. Shopping locally doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury either – many of the grocers and shops that accept the Brixton Pound offer cheaper products and services than chains, as well as a more human and personable shopping experience.

 To get to know our traders better, follow our monthly Meet The Trader blog posts! In August we featured Stuart Taylor, who runs a bicycle repair service Live the Wheel, and in June had a chat with Brixton stalwarts Nour Cash & Carry, a grocery shop which has been around for 20 years.

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