#yourpound: your community, your energy

Last year we blogged about the launch of Brixton Energy Solar two and how we had teamed up with Brixton Energy to allow investors to buy shares in the scheme using electronic Brixton Pounds. This was (like many other Brixton projects) truly innovative and has been successful with a number of investors using their local currency to help generate local, renewable energy.

We’re please to say that you are once again able to do the same. You can now buy shares in Brixton Energy Solar 3 using Brixton Pounds, but you must be quick!

Roupell Park Skyline

Roupell Park Skyline

Using the same community led approach as the first two projects, the solar panels for Brixton Energy Solar 3 will be installed on four buildings within the Roupell Park Estate: Hyperion House, Fairview House, Warnham House and the Community Office. The income from the project will be derived principally from the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, which is guaranteed for 20 years. Some of the energy generated by the project will be used on site with the remainder energy sold directly back to the grid. After operating costs are deducted, profits resulting from the sale of energy will be used to support local energy efficiency initiatives and provide Co-operative members with an annual return on their investment of approximately 4%. Investors can also get up too 50% tax relief under the Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

You can find out more here.

So what are you waiting for, join the local revolution. Use local money to generate local energy and local jobs. Its as simple as that. Top up your B£e account today and use #yourpound to pay-by-text to ‘brixtonenergy’.