Brixton £ Skillsharing – Earn Money that Sticks to Brixton!

Can you paint houses? Walk dogs? Prepare taxes? Grow vegetables? Use your skills to earn money that sticks to Brixton!

No matter your skill or passion, there’s something everybody can do to earn a bit of local money and help keep our Brixton economy strong! You can spend the money you earn at local businesses or buying services from your friends and neighbours.

Come to our BRIXTON SKILLSHARE OPEN EVENING on 1 AUG from 6-9pm at The Angel, 354 Coldharbour Lane, to find out more. There will be music, drinks, and other people like you who want to put a human face back on business transactions.

Don’t know what you can do to earn? Get free advice from professional life coach Binki Taylor at the open evening!

Who can earn B£?

Anyone! There’s no age limit for earning (or spending) B£ – young people as well as older people have lots of skills that are vital to our community. All you need to register as a B£ recipient is a mobile phone number and a skill or service!

People who run restaurants, pubs, and shops in Brixton have asked us to help them find services where they can spend their B£. They need to connect with individuals who can help them with their businesses, like accountants, solicitors, designers, printers, and cleaners. There’s also a need for builders, electricians, kitchen fitters, and movers who will work for B£, as well as small, independent producers of things like bread, jam, herbs, and salad greens. Personal services like childcare, house cleaning, pet services, tutoring, music lessons, and gardening are also under-represented.

Please remember that you are responsible for any tax or benefit implications that come from doing work. You can find more guidance on this from HMRC or from your benefits advisor.

Why should I earn B£?

By contributing your services in exchange for B£, you’re making sure that more money flows into the local economy, making Brixton a place where jobs are created and where money is re- invested in each other rather than spread out throughout the country or the world. It gives us all more control over our community’s economic resilience and makes sure that we’re reducing our carbon emissions, since we’re turning to our neighbours for goods and services rather than to large international corporations. You make sure that purchasing power stays within our local community, and creates income opportunities for people who may not be earning money in a traditional job market. You might not want to be a full-time tuba teacher or tax accountant, but you might have the skills and experience to teach a few lessons or keep one hand in accounting while pursuing other interests as well.

You’ll be able to re-spend the B£ that you earn – in addition to any £ sterling that you add into your account – with local businesses and individual producers and providers, keeping the cycle of local investment rolling. Also, by providing services through the B£, businesses and individuals will learn about your availability for work without needing to pay any extra advertising costs. When you sign up to earn Brixton £, we’ll add you to the website and to our Skillshare Directory so that people will know that you’re ready for work.