Have you heard about BRIXTON HEROES…

…the new Brixton Pound initiative? We want to engage members of our very diverse local community, to make their stories heard, and to involve them in the design of the second issue of the Brixton Pound notes.

Brixton is a multiethnic and multicultural community, with history and achievements to be proud of.

With BRIXTON HEROES we seek to counteract negative stereotypes, and to give Brixton’s local people and communities a stronger voice to talk about their experiences and what matters to them.

If successful, we will collect people’s stories about local unsung heroes and their thoughts about Brixton. We will talk with local business owners, young people, older people, carers, people with disabilities, activists, and other workers and residents who are striving to improve the wellbeing of the local area.

We will also produce a short film featuring interviews with these Brixton heroes, whose thoughts and stories will inform the design of a new issue of the local currency to be launched in autumn 2011.

So we are competing for a £5,000 grant through the Coop Join the Revolution award, but the decision as to which initiative should get the money is down to the public, therefore we need your vote!

Please click  here to cast your vote, and help us turn our BRIXTON HEROES idea  into a reality.

Deadline is midnight 29th May.

Thank you.

The Brixton Pound team