Brixton Pound's new home

Brixton Market Row (by Steve Cadman)

Brixton Market Row (by Steve Cadman)

We are delighted to announce that the , together with Transition Town Brixton, the Brixton Market Traders Federation and Friends of Brixton Market, has been given a free space in the heart of Brixton! As part of the Space Makers initiative, what was an empty market unit will be transformed (initially for three months) into a buzzing community space for people to come together, mingle, discuss and contribute to create and enact a vision for Brixton as a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy.

The unit will provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful initiatives happening in our community, and a real chance for everyone to come say hi and get involved. Keep an eye on Unit 6, Granville Arcade for further developments.

Unit 5 at the Granville Arcade, Brixton Market

Our new home: Unit 6 at the Granville Arcade, Brixton Market

And if we ever need a cup of sugar, no doubt our next door neighbour Remade in Brixton at 5 Granville Arcade, will be happy to oblige, as well as lending some great creative skills.