Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Artist residencies @ the Brixton Pound Cafe

We're very proud to use our cafe to support and promote artists. We welcome approaches from artists who are looking for wall space, to include our cafe and also our basement which can be used as a fully curated area. 

Upcoming exhibition:

Euan Reed | Photographer

9th-11th May

Paul Ashton | Painter

12th-26 May 


Previous shows

Rupert James Baker

‘Securitize Me II’

A new solo exhibition by the artist Rupert James Baker, this mixed media installation explored the securitization of man and art. In the darkened basement gallery, Rupert James Baker positions the audience between a projected video and a moving ‘last traded price’ display, for reflection on individual entrapment. As part of his month long residency the artist produced twelve, from a series of fifty, new canvases titled ‘SMT 121673’. Each has been taken directly from the last traded price ticker, exhibited in the installation, and visually linking the intoxicating elements of high finance and drugs.  

Since 1992 the London born artist Rupert James Baker has been influenced from his experiences at Barclays Capital Markets at the height of the Thatcher era. Witnessing products and services that conflicted with his own value structure, highlighted by the ethical influence that multinationals contribute to society; powerful enough to cross moral and geographical boundaries, in the pursuit of purely profit. Baker’s pained and detached work meditates on our attempts to understand the shifting ethical constraints of human life through economic bench-marking and corporate governance. The sadness and tragedy in this work is apparent and is reflected in man’s economic success laying the foundations for his own destruction. Through a critical engagement with his own morals and that of multinational corporations he confronts fundamental questions of where humanity stands in relation to its environment. Baker works across all mediums in his installations having worked with film, photography, fabric, paint, social media, clay, paper, copper, plastics and ink.


Tim Stocks

'I started painting 10 years ago. It was while suffering from bad anxiety that the gift from god came along! I'm gay and I paint  the things that I love: young men, famous stars, buildings, places and animals. I began exhibiting 4 years ago. It makes me happy to know that his paintings are on people's walls, and that they'll enjoy them for the rest of their lives. I believe that you cannot sell art, you can only hope that someone falls in love with it. And I believe that painting is good for the soul. My heroes are David Hockney, German Zwanik, and Edward Burra.'


Maria Beadell

Maria is a London-based artist, specialising in figurative portraits. 

'I am fascinated by people and take my inspiration from a range of themes: everyday life, identity and sexual politics, fantasy, horror and the macabre; as well as universal themes of love, loss, death, fear.  I am a self-taught painter and use a figurative, realistic approach; though I flirt with a variety of styles of painting, and incorporate elements of pop art, fauvism and surrealism.  Most of my paintings are conceptualised from a preliminary portrait idea which is first sketched out, then backgrounds/secondary themes can come from a range of sources such as photos, life sketches or the deep recesses of my imagination.  The result is a visually arresting image that is sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking in its subject matter.' 

instagram: @mariainpaint 


Saskia Selwood & Friends  

Who, what, where

Andy Inshe

'My pictures are based on places I know but I try to represent them not as in reality, but rather, how they would reappear in a dreamlike or internal reality. The process by which this transformation takes place is largely an unconscious one and, I hope, one where the personal meaning the place has for me is lost or at least partially submerged. In its place emerges some sort of universal meaning that has relevance for all viewers and the resultant pictures will have a meaningful content for those who are unfamiliar with the original places.' 



SPLEEN Projects: Curated programme 

SPLEEN Projects is an artist-run initiative that puts on exhibitions combining visual art and performance, specialising in non-gallery spaces in south London. Over the course of a six-week residency in our basement studio, they transformed the space, hosting a series of exhibitions and events. Watch the video below:

Anna McDowell | NO WORDS

series of new sculptures, all of which explore ideas around loss and the domestic/familial space.

As implied by the title of this body of work, Anna is interested in a language that can only be understood and felt through the visual and the emotive capabilities of her materials and material processes. For her, words can only take us so far in describing the human experience and especially an experience as complex as loss. In this largely monochrome series of sculptures, the abstract and the familiar are fused to articulate a poetic and personal narrative. 

Amba Sayal-Bennett | CRYPT

An exhibition of two pieces by Amba Sayal-Bennett who is completing a PhD in art practice and learning at Goldsmiths in New Cross.

Amba’s work tests common conventions of visual communication to probe the relationship between experience and language. For her exhibition CRYPT she will be showing a series of her drawing projections. Projectors, drawn pieces and careful assembly of paper are used to create arresting geometric wall images in the atmospheric basement space.


India Rose Harvey | Umano Universale

An immersive, multi-sensory installation from artist and playworker India Harvey.

India's work seeks out ways to deepen or lubricate our sensory connectivity with unusual (e.g.) visual, proprioceptive, tactile and gustatory experiences. These basic elements help us organise our responses to the world; they become part of our unconscious functioning and the foundation of our human selves.

Her research centres around how we can use these processes to communicate and learn in new ways, celebrating the mind as a plastic thing capable of ongoing change and adaptation. The Umano Universale can do all things if they will, as they are the centres of the universe, limitless in their capabilities.


Adam Skidmore AKA Mr Skids 

Known to Brixton locals as "The Painter Man", Adam has been producing oil sketches in situ around Brixton for many years now. As well as being a talented portrait painter, he creates images drawn from the urban landscape which are colourful and atmospheric with a folk art quality. His work has a good sense of movement and a brooding saturated palette with accents of deep jewel-like hues colours which are evocative of early 20th century French Symbolist painters.