Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Advisory Group

Susan Steed

Susie is an economist who used to work at the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and is now finishing a PhD and trying to learn to be a stand up comedian. In 2009 she was one of the people who founded the Brixton Pound and took a key role in trying to persuade businesses to sign up to this weird looking currency. She also teaches on a variety of Masters Programmes and is a teaching assistant at Bristol University. Her primary interests are in money and inequality. She also likes talking about economics and particularly ways that make economics more accessible. To this end she has recently joined the group of tour guides who lead the occupy Walking Tours and she guides on the City of London tour.

Josh Ryan-Collins

A resident of Brixton for 13 years, Josh was one of the founders of the B£ and has been involved in the scheme in various capacities, including helping introduce the ‘pay-by-text’ mobile phone system, being project manager and a Director.  Josh is Associate Director of the Economy and Finance program at the New Economics Foundation, where is work focuses on monetary and banking reform, including writing a book called 'Where Does Money Come From'.  He’s still looking for answers despite spending four years researching a PhD on the topic at the University of Southampton. When not thinking about money, he enjoys throwing himself down mountains on bicycles or snowboards and playing 5-aside football in Brixton Rec.

Lib Peck

Lib is the leader of Lambeth council. She has been a Labour councillor in Lambeth since 2001 representing the ward of Thornton, which includes the Clapham Park estate. Lib is passionate about politics because she believes it can bring positive social change. Prior to being a councillor she worked for organisations campaigning on peace and human rights issues. She loves being a councillor because of the connections it allows her to make between people, communities and issues. In her limited free time she enjoys dancing and cycling and being a mum to her two daughters.

Nigel Dodd

Nigel Dodd is a Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, and has worked on the sociology of money for the past twenty-five years. He is author of The Sociology of Money (Polity Press, 1994) and The Social Life of Money (Princeton University Press, 2014), and is now working on another book, Utopian Monies, in which he explores money’s potential as a tool of social reform. For this new book, Nigel is researching local currencies, time-based currencies, various forms of social lending, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. He believes that the Brixton £ has blazed a trail for the local currency movement, as well as having perhaps the coolest notes in the world.

Simon Woolf

Simon has worked in the IT industry since 1996, specialising in information architecture and web development. He implemented one of the first online music databases of its kind at the British Music Information Centre in 1998, before going on to work with organisations as diverse as the Royal College of Music, London Underground Limited, EMI Music and Deutsche Bank. Simon founded Loopo Ltd, a web solutions consultancy working mainly in the non-profit sector, in 2005. The company was acquired in 2010.

Simon’s interest in alternative currencies was sparked by seeing the Lewes Pound in action, in late 2008. When a team in Brixton decided to start a similar scheme, he soon became involved as a volunteer. Simon became a non-executive director of the Brixton Pound in 2010, and acted as managing director between 2012-13.

From a first meeting with Qoin in 2011, Simon quickly became involved in defining IT strategy and implementing sophisticated software solutions. He joined the permanent team in 2012, tempted by Qoin’s innovative nature, fantastic working atmosphere and higher standard of coffee than in UK offices.

In his free time, Simon writes about wine (at, enjoys cooking, drinking wine, and DJing. Oh, and did we mention wine?