Brixton Pound

Brixton Pound

Accessibility information



Local transport links – how far from train or underground station? 

– Approx. 0.3 miles from Brixton Underground station.  

Is there a step-free access at the train or underground station? 

– Yes.

How far from bus stop? 

– Approx. 0.2 miles from bus stops in either direction. 


Building Entrance 


Entrance to building – are there steps? How high and how deep are the steps? 

There is one entrance to the building. One standard door approx. 86cm wide, there is one large step approx. 24cm high.


How do you open the door? How high do you need to reach to do this?  Does the door open automatically or do you have to push/pull it? Is the door heavy and stuff or light and easy to push/pull? 

– Push to open the door from the outside.

Cafe space


What kind of floor is there and is it even or bumpy? 

– Wooden floorboards, fairly even.


How wide are internal doors? 

– The only internal door is the one to the restroom which is 60cm wide.


How wide is the corridor? 

– There is only one very short corridor to the bathroom which is 90cm wide, otherwise as soon as you walk through the front door you are in the event space.


What is the narrowest space a person would have to get through to get into the event space? 

– 86cm. 


How long is the distance from front door to event space? 

– There is no distance, as soon as you enter the through the door you are in the event space.


What lighting is there in the space (natural light as well as electric etc.)? Is it overhead, on the walls or on the floor? 

– There is natural light through the large window, also uplighter lamps as well as standard lights on the ceiling. 


How wide is the door to the event space?  

– Approx. 86cm.  


How much background/street noise can you hear? 

– Minimal traffic or other noises from directly outside the building or from other rooms within the building. 


What colour are the walls? Are they plain or covered in posters? 

– Walls are white, usually with multiple pieces of artwork displayed.


What is the height of tables and chairs, what materials are they made from and in what style?  

– Big tables are wooden and approx. 77.5cm tall. Wooden stools 46cm tall, big main dining table 73 cm tall and 186cm wide. Smaller wooden tables approx. 78.5cm tall. 


How much space is there in between furniture? 

– This will vary from event to event. In general furniture can be arranged as needed. 


How wide is/are the door(s) to the toilet(s)? Are there any steps? 

– 60cm doorway. No step.




What are the measurements of the cubicles/bathrooms? Are they unisex? 

– There’s one bathroom and it is unisex. It’s just a toilet and a sink - no cubicles. The room is approx. 175cm wide and 305cm long.


How high is the sink? What type of taps are there? How high is the toilet? What type of flush is used? Where is the toilet paper? Sanitary bin?  

– Sink is 77cm high. Tap is a compression washer tap, only the cold tap works as there is no hot water in the building. Toilet is 40cm high. Push button flush top center of cistern. Toilet rolls are loose on top of shelf left of toilet, 27cm up from floor. 


Are there any handrails? 

– No.


Where is the light switch for the toilet? How high? Which type? 

– Inside the bathroom, to your left: a long string pull lever type switch from the ceiling. 


How much turn space is there around the toilet? 

– The room is a rectangle, with the entrance on the shorter side and a bookshelf, toilet, and sink along the longer side. The space between the sink and the wall is approx. 105 cm, between the toilet and that wall is approx. 64cm, between the bookshelf and the same wall is approx. 96.5 cm. The distance between the entrance and the edge of the sink is approx. 219 cm, between the entrance and the edge of the toilet is approx. 145 cm.