Business Rates are live!

Brixton Pound businesses are now able to pay their business rates to Lambeth Council using electronic Brixton Pounds. This will give local independent businesses an additional way to spend their B£e balance. The first business to do this was Casa Morita . Watch the short video of Sarahgwen talking about her business and about the Brixton Pound.

We’re excited to be the first local currency in the U.K. to be accepted by the council in payment for business rates. Thank you to Lambeth Council for working with us to make this possible!

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements in the near future!

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  • Carl Mullan

    Great job, congratulations. That’s a first for local currency in the UK I believe. Awesome news.

  • Mike Riddell

    Please can you explain what the Council do with the £brixton after accepting it in payment for business rates. Do they convert it back to £sterling?

    This information will help inform what we are doing in Wigan.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike Riddell

  • Katie Finnegan-Clark

    Congrats Brixton Pounders! Great news. Just little clarification; Bristol businesses can pay their business rates to Bristol City Council also.
    We’re doing it! It’s happening! Pat on the backs are deserved all round.
    With love, The Bristol Pounders.

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