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B£ heads to Calais

A picture taken on April 3, 2015 in Calais shows a makeshift camp set up by illegal migrants called "New jungle" or "Sangatte sans toit", on April 3, 2015 in Calais. An immigrant detention centre was shut down there in 2012 as the French and UK governments said it was luring migrants to the area.  Now the migrants -- including women and children -- sleep rough, in makeshift camps. In "The jungle", the largest one, which houses up to 900 people, the migrants live in misery with no water, no sanitation, little to eat and in biting cold now that winter has set in.   AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET        (Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images)

Max of the B£ is driving to Calais this Saturday morning to drop off donated supplies and help out a bit. You could easily get involved too! If  you have any of the following items and would like to donate them please drop them into the Brixton Pound Shop (3 Atlantic Road, SW9 8HX) by 1pm Friday […]

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Brixton Energy

Brixton Energy is a not-for-profit co-operative based in south London. We create cooperatively owned renewable energy projects

Brixton BASS

A health and wellbeing project in the heart of Brixton.

BX Merchandise

BX Merchandise boasts fantastic expertise and a wide ranging knowledge of promotional merchandise

Queen of the Harpies

A love shack dedicated to damsels and divas, gypsies and jezebels.


Set amidst the bustle of Brixton Village Market, Brixi is a treasure trove of lovingly curated oddities old and new.

Brixton Brewery

Lovingly handcrafted and skillfully made, Brixton Brewery is making beer in the heart of Brixton.

Brixton Blog and Bugle

Brixton Blog is an online community newspaper about everything happening in Brixton


The Community Technology Project (Comm-Tech) is committed to Promoting environmental & technological sustainability, working with communities to address social and economic disadvantage, Implementing & promoting open source software & industry standards.

Earth Medicines

Earth Medicines is a herbal medicine practice based in the Wye Valley, which was established by Joe Pawson

20 Storey

Art, Books, Clothing, Cool Stuff, Etc.