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Brixton votes Yes!

photo: Grow:Brixton


Thank you to everyone who made our New Independents party last night such a resounding success.

So many of you came down to celebrate Brixton Design Week and the launch of our New Independents campaign yesterday at Grow:Brixton. The beautiful outdoors site was full of wonders – a wealth of art installations, a converted shipping container, wheelbarrow seats, free food, and a busy bar which saw lots and lots of B£s change hands. There were speeches, shoutouts, showcases and, very importantly, a vote – with an impressive turnout of about 50%, we overwhelmingly voted in favour of Brixton’s independence!

We also asked you to nominate your favourite Brixton Independent business, and a candidate for an Honorary President of Brixton, and we will announce these results soon. And keep your eyes peeled – the New Independents campaign, now reinforced by your support, will soon spread its wings. For now – thank you to everyone who made it such a great night with a spectacular atmosphere!

And don’t forget to tell your friends about B£ – Refer A Friend is on till Sunday! Get a friend to sign up for a B£ account, and you both get B£5 credit – it’s a no brainer. The sun is shining.  It’s almost the weekend too. Life is great sometimes, isn’t it? (Sorry, Scotland.)

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Reason to use the Brixton Pound #7

#7 You’re doing businesses a favour

#7 You're doing businesses a favour

Photo credit: Jonathan Goldberg

Did you know that every time you pay by a credit or debit card, the business has to pay a transaction fee? That’s not to mention additional costs such as renting the card machine and receiving a monthly statement. The Brixton Pound charges a flat rate of 1.5% per transaction, and the technology is free – provided that you have an sms-enabled mobile phone. For small businesses this means they can access modern payment methods without the costs associated. And if you trade on the move, such as from a market stall, it’s ideal!

Want more reasons? 11 more are right here.

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Reason to use the Brixton Pound #6

#6 Brixton benefits every time you spend it

#6 Brixton benefits every time you spend it

Like most electronic payments, the business pays a small fee every time you pay using our e-currency. However, unlike credit and debit card providers, we take that transaction fee and put it in the Brixton Fund. This is a micro-grant scheme that is available to Brixtonites seeking to tackle economic justice, increase employment or training opportunities, or develop local sustainability projects. This fund will become active in 2015 – so start building it up now!

Want more reasons? 11 more are right here.

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