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Brixton Pound

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Brixton Pound, the first urban local currency in the UK, was launched in 2009 – that’s almost six years ago now! We’re still going strong, thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting us and using B£s (thanks!)  2015 will be a big year for us, and spring is on the horizon, so we thought […]

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Brixton Blog and Bugle

Brixton Blog is an online community newspaper about everything happening in Brixton

Eight B Design

graphic designer and keen photographer


A great little internet cafe. Rather small but the staff a very friendly, helpful and make you feel like you are just borrowing a friends living computer.


The Community Technology Project (Comm-Tech) is committed to Promoting environmental & technological sustainability, working with communities to address social and economic disadvantage, Implementing & promoting open source software & industry standards.

BX Merchandise

BX Merchandise boasts fantastic expertise and a wide ranging knowledge of promotional merchandise

Brixton Energy

Brixton Energy is a not-for-profit co-operative based in south London. We create cooperatively owned renewable energy projects

20 Storey

Art, Books, Clothing, Cool Stuff, Etc.

Earth Medicines

Earth Medicines is a herbal medicine practice based in the Wye Valley, which was established by Joe Pawson


Set amidst the bustle of Brixton Village Market, Brixi is a treasure trove of lovingly curated oddities old and new.

Brixton Brewery

Lovingly handcrafted and skillfully made, Brixton Brewery is making beer in the heart of Brixton.