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#YourPound: Meet the User

Over the last year and a half we’ve been introducing you to our traders – independent business owners who are part of the Brixton Pound family. What we’d like to do alongside that is to introduce you to the members of the community who are just as significant: the Brixton Pound users! Today we have a guest post from Paul:


I’m Paul Gill, a B£e user.  When I was a kid living in Catford, my Dad knew every greengrocer, butcher and baker by name. As I grew up, many local shops closed; supermarkets took over, offering cheaper goods in a charmless, impersonal environment. Well, you get what you pay for…

I want to return to knowing the shopkeeper. I want my kids to know the people working in their neighbourhood. I want to back local independent business where I can.

The Brixton Pound is a calling card. To a trader it says that I’m local and likely to be back. Paying by text means they may get to know me by name. I meet fascinating and wonderful people in Brixton through B£e: Imran at Elephant, Adrian at Studio 73, Nicholas at Salon, Giovanni at LABG, Dorian the Barber, Yinka the Osteopath, Dave the Wine… Oh, I could go on. I get value and great service, plus I get to know knowledgeable and talented people.

B£e also helps me to help out locally. With a young family I don’t have much time to spare, but I can donate to local causes like Foodbank and Brixton Soup Kitchen through B£e.

I’m proudly Brixtonian. I’m proud that Brixton has a currency that businesses and residents can use to keep money in Brixton. And, as this town becomes ever busier, it’s nice to know and be known by the people I buy from.

Dad’s not using the B£, but then he doesn’t live here. Still, he knows a few of the traders by name, including Phil the Toy Man. He never needs an excuse to stop and chat, but if you don’t have Dad’s gift of the gab, the Brixton Pound might just get you and your Great Brixton traders talking.


Would you like to be featured in our next Meet The User post? You could write a guest blog like Paul, or we could meet you, have a nice chat, and then write about it. If that sounds good, drop us a line at [email protected]!
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Reason to use the Brixton Pound #12

#12 The new money is where it’s at

#12 The new money is where it's at

When you think about it, money is a bit rubbish isn’t it? An excellent servant, but a terrible master, as the saying goes. The Brixton Pound is a positive challenge to this, offering a potential solution while at the same time providing businesses and users with an innovative and fun payment system. We think that we’re entering a world where ‘money’ will no longer have a singular meaning – in 10 years we’ll probably have a number of ways that we exchange goods and services. Is the Brixton Pound the future of money? Yes, and it’s here. So start using it and party like it’s 2025.

What are your reasons? Tell us! @brixtonpound on Twitter, The Brixton Pound on Facebook, [email protected] on email.

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Reason to use the Brixton Pound #11

#11 Express yourself


You use Facebook to share photos of your life, you tweet updates to tell people what you are up to at any given moment. Why not use money to express who you are? When you use the national currency, you’re not really given much of a chance to reveal who you are. The Brixton Pound is all about giving you the opportunity to express yourself. Spend the Brixton Pound and you’re saying you’re green, you’re independent, you’re a Brixtonite, you’re ethical, you’re cool – it’s your currency, so use it to match your values.

Want more reasons? 11 more are right here.

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